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FAA Order SRS means "same runway separation;" categorization criteria is specified in para , Same Runway Separation. Listed under the primary manufacturer are other aircraft manufacturers who make versions of some of the aircraft in that group. Aircraft capable of takeoff weights of more than , pounds whether or not they are operating at this weight during a particular phase of flight. Aircraft of more than 41, pounds, maximum certificated takeoff weight, up to , pounds. Aircraft of 41, pounds or less maximum certificated takeoff weight.

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Training procedures are presently in effect, re-emphasis to current procedures and or slight modifications to current procedures could be acted upon almost immediately.

To improve aviation safety by reinforcing current safety alert procedures and good Air Traffic operating practices. A verbal briefing will be given to all enroute and terminal Air Traffic Controllers on the history of the Commercial Aviation Safety Team and handbook paragraphs to review.

It does not specifically address this issue, and it is a related topic. A review of the current regulations and orders was conducted. All of the initiatives were covered in current regulations and orders. It was determined that the best way to reinforce and review the orders was an Air Traffic Bulletin.

This vehicle requires that every person controlling air traffic be verbally briefed on the content of the ATB. We will share the information and associated successes with our counterparts in the FAA International office.

Strategies and interventions to minimize the occurrence of CFIT were developed. The results were 9 project areas; one of them is Air Traffic control. FAAO If necessary, assist the aircraft to return to the assigned protected airspace. Once the pilot informs you action is being taken to resolve the situation, you may discontinue the issuance of further alerts. Do not assume that because someone else has responsibility for the aircraft that the unsafe situation has been observed and the safety alert issued; inform the appropriate controller.

Use specific terms to describe a fix. A recurring pattern in the reviewed accidents was the need for stabilized vertical guidance approaches. When available and practical clear aircraft for approaches with vertical guidance ILS. Where adequate radar coverage exists, radar facilities may vector aircraft to the final approach course in accordance with paragraph Except for vectors for visual approach, vectoring arriving aircraft tot intercept the final approach course: a.

At least 2 miles outside the approach gate unless of the following exists: 1. If specifically requested by the pilot, aircraft may be vectored to intercept the final approach course inside the approach gate but no closer than the final approach fix. For nonprecision approach, at an altitude which will allow descent in accordance with the published procedure. In some of the accidents reviewed, On the Job Training OJT was being conducted and may have contributed to the accident.

In some cases non-rated controllers were operating a position unsupervised. FAA Order If you have questions or require further assistance, please contact Ardyth Williams at extension Feasibility values defined: The CFIT JSIT assigned the following specific definitions to the values under each of the Feasibility elements: Technical Feasibility - The ability of the project to take advantage of the current state of the technology in pursuing further development.

Financial Feasibility - Should consider the total cost of the implementation, including the planning process. Sociological Feasibility - Requires an evaluation of the compatibility of project goals with the prevailing goals of the political system. Regulatory Feasibility - Should be evaluated against current rules and certification process. Could be a deterrent due to a long approval process.

Schedule Feasibility - The ability of the project to contribute to achieving the goal in a selected timeframe. Must consider implementation schedule by project. This order clearly establishes the process for identification and resolution of system safety issues. A combination of this annual refresher training and a possible article in the Air Traffic Bulletin should provide the needed emphasis. Except for vectors for visual approach, vectoring arriving aircraft to intercept the final approach course: d.

At least 2 miles outside the approach gate unless of the following exists: 3. An Air Traffic Bulletin or h in the Before a person may conduct OJT, they must have: a.

Human relations skills b. Communications skills c. Motivation and attitude d. Objectivity e. Then the names are forwarded to the Air Traffic Manager.

During this course, the students are briefed on the basics of instruction including the hazards of being in an instruction situation with live traffic.

This item could be included in an Air Traffic Bulletin addressing this whole issue. For years we have been judged on the heath of the AT system by our reporting and quality assurance programs. Air Traffic service providers should emphasize in ATC training the controllers' potential in assisting the flight crew in improving their situation awareness. Air Traffic service providers should train Air Traffic Controllers to use all available tools to establish aircraft position example: don't fixate on just DME.

Air Traffic service providers should enhance ATC training to emphasize the dangers of rushed approaches and performance characteristics of modern jet transports. Air Traffic service providers should implement procedures that ensure that ATC trainees are always supervised.


FAA Order 7110.65

The current version and subsequent lettered versions as well as changes to the current version are published according to the publication schedule contained within the order paragraph , usually every 6 months. The latest version is This order prescribes air traffic control procedures and phraseology for use by persons providing air traffic control services. Controllers are required to be familiar with the provisions of this order that pertain to their operational responsibilities and to exercise their best judgment if they encounter situations not covered by it. It is distributed to select offices in Washington headquarters, regional offices, service area offices, the William J. Copies are also sent to all air traffic field facilities, international aviation field offices, and to the interested aviation public. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


JO 7110.65Y - Air Traffic Control



Air Traffic Control


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