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Index Astartes is a feature that used to run in the White Dwarf magazine back when it was still good. The series was presented as entries from in-universe text known unsurprisingly as the Index Astartes , a tome detailing the histories and characters of the Space Marines. Each article would focus on some aspect of the Space Marines -- a Space Marine Chapter initially the eighteen known First Founding legions, and eventually other chapters that were prominent in the setting, like some of the Second Founding successors and the Blood Ravens , one of the vehicles they used e.

Terminators , Techmarines , and so on. Some of these articles were collected and printed in four bound books. Similar series of articles were made focusing on xenos , entitled Index Xenos , and on the forces of Chaos , entitled Index Malleus. With their entry into the digital age in , Games Workshop has restarted the Index Astartes series as well as creating similar series on other topics, like Munitorum to focus on weapons and Index Chaotica to focus on Chaos , selling them as individual e-books.

Some fans who are serious about their own chapters make Index Astartes articles about them. They tend to follow this format following the original Index Astartes articles :.

This time it focuses mainly on the background of Chapters that have no rules in the 8th Edition Codex and actually gives them their own abilities, Warlord traits, Relics and Stratagems. It's also going to alternate with an Age of Sigmar analogue called The Tome Celestial , doing similar things for AoS armies picking a subfaction of a single army - Stormcast Stormhosts, Fyreslayers Lodges, etc.

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Index Astartes

Labels articles battle report 5 black templars 16 blood angels 26 blood ravens 23 crimson fists 22 Dark angels 41 Deathwatch 12 grey knights 12 Heroes of Badab 19 imperial fists 26 iron hands 30 legion of the damned 1 luna wolves 11 Modelling 30 Modelling tutorials 11 Painting 44 painting tutorials 9 raven guard 28 salamanders 22 Sons of Orar 10 space wolves 11 ultramarines 22 whitescars Saturday, 29 December Deathwatch army showcase. The deathwatch were, I believe, the last outstanding showcase from my space marine project log. To recap, the idea was to get all the armies to a standard where they are assembled and ready to place on the tabletop with nothing sitting in a box waiting to be assembled. The reasons for the deathwatch being late to the game were that not only were they the last non primaris marine army that I started to collect, but also I decided to expand them to include primaris amongst their number when the new book hit. My friend mike was looking to get rid of his primaris stuff and so a few conversions and a shapeways order later and I now have an army almost double the size of before. A bit of ranged support exists in the form of a land raider, pair of dreadnought and a Corvus black star.


Index Astartes (Warhammer 40,000)




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