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First off my motherboard is a P4C Deluxe. I had copper heatsinks on all my mosfets, and I wanted to test my voltage on my Vdimm before I upgraded my ram to VX. When I was using the probe I tried to push it underneath the copper heatsink and it came loose, so I pulled oops. I know had the Mosfet dangling by one leg, split in half. I didn't power the computer on, I didn't want to risk anything.

I know have to find a Mosfet for this motherboard. The mosfet model number is APH I've found it on their website, and I'm sad to report that it costs about a few bucks for the actual component, and dollars to ship. I'm really not looking to upgrade, since I just upgraded my ram 2 days ago, and my CPU about 4 months ago. I've had lots of experience working on motherboards, and I'm just interested in getting that one part.

But having no past experience it's really difficult to pin point the exact typ that I need. If you ruined one of the pair going to the coil, the board will pretty much work OK, but you'll probably get some more voltage drop in full load. You'll get a 2-phase power supply instead of 3-phase, and you'll have to say good-bye to any overclocking, but at least you'll have a functional mobo until you find a replacement FET. HI, What did you use to cross reference these parts?

Do you have a link to an online reference chart? Go to digikey. It has the same voltage rating as the one from your board, but it's rated for higher current and power dissipation as well as slightly lower drain to source resistance, which shouldn't be a problem. The Infineon model can be found on digikey.

I agree that these models should work as well so choose whatever you want. You could also see if any of them are available on mouser. Hope this helps. Thanks, I used to work at the local Asus wholesale company, and studied all the P4C boards they imported over 1 year.

I was extremely annoyed by the drop in Vcore whenever the CPU went in full load, and searched - in vain - for a revision with better power source. I'm about to get International Rectifier equilivents IRLR and would like to know if they are suitable for the application. The Gate threshold voltage is alot higher on the IR chips compared to those of the standard ones, is this OK? Too true, the problem is the companies based in the far east and dont seem to have more westernly based outposts.

I may try to get engineering samples but I don't hold much hope on that front. We'll see how this pans out.


New AP9918H 9918H TO-252 1.2 high quality

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UPH Transistor MOS- Desktop Computer 9918H

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