The competition is held on the first Saturday after Memorial Day. As of , over teams competed with around students. ARML problems cover a wide variety of mathematical topics including algebra , geometry , number theory , combinatorics , probability , and inequalities. Calculus is not required to successfully complete any problem, but may facilitate solving the problem more quickly or efficiently. While part of the competition is short-answer based, there is a cooperative team round, and a proof-based power question also completed as a team.

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Depart am, Arrive am. Alaska Airlines Flight Last year, Saturday June 5, Depart pm, Arrive pm. Oregon ARML info. Search this site. Notice: This is site is being discontinued. All information is available at www. For the next few days, information will be on this site, but soon this site will not be updated. Please check www. Thank you! This site will not be receiving frequent updates. For current information, visit www. A new website in currently being developed and will be available shortly.

The team is run entirely by volunteers so please be nice! We have two coaches:. He is responsible for tracking members, communicating with the group, and scheduling meetings. She organizes the Eugene Carpools. Join the team's email list. Fill out the form at the link below to join the team's mailing list:. The next practice meeting is Saturday, September 24th, Sprague High School. Salem, OR. Enter building on the north side.

Parents are welcome to come inside. WiFi available. Instructions are on each sheet. Waiver form. Beaverton, OR Link now removed. Official, central ARML website. ARML's mathematical conventions. Last year, summer Summer homework last year. If you are unable to meet a due date due to summer vacationing or camps, please write me a brief email explaining the situation and when you will get the problems submitted.

As you might have noticed the summer homework includes the team, individual, and relay rounds from this years ARML competition. Please explore these problems slowly take as much time as you need , even if you answered them correctly in the contest. The problems are all very interesting and many have multiple, more obscure and sometimes quicker solutions. Additionally, 2 AMC contests are included in the summer homework.

Please complete these in the time limit 75 minutes. These contests will help provide practice with the time-limited aspects of contest mathematics.

How to submit answers. Email the answers to oregonarml gmail. Even if you don't want to do the medical authorization, please fill out the emergency contact numbers. Earlier this year, the students filled out a form with their parent's phone numbers, but some numbers might have changed or you might want to add more ways to reach you. If you don't have or don't want to fill it out in Word the link above , you can use this pdf version.

UNLV campus map. Please check the student cell numbers I emailed. I'll send out a corrected version after making all the changes.

I won't post the student cell phone numbers on the website. Subpages 1 : file cabinet for pdfs. Home Notice: This is site is being discontinued. Waiver form 2. How to submit answers Email the answers to oregonarml gmail. To read, print and bring along: 1. UNLV campus map 3.


The ARML 2.0 standard has been approved – now official!



Our Team's contest results in 2009


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