Srivastava 2 , Sheffali Gulati 3 , Moganty R. Rajeswari 1. Current research focused on therapeutic interventions aimed at molecular amelioration, but there are no reliable noninvasive signatures available to understand disease pathogenesis. The present study is expected to aid in the understanding of disease pathogenesis. Applying the PRISMA statement several studies were selected according to eligibility criteria and organized for the review. Full papers were included if they described effects of WBVE for the treatment of illnesses, evaluated by sEMG of lower limbs independently on the year of the publication; in comparison or associated with other treatment and evaluation techniques.

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Designed originally to treat HIV. Potential therapeutic. In those trials, an appropriate dose can be determined. Yeah, even Dr. David Lynch wrote an opinion about it the day after the research was published. I hope he and FARA can expedite funding to arrange further research.

Fingers crossed they can make some kind of headway and collab to make it happen. Agreed about skipping the mice. Nerves and heart cells will never happen I think. We need to see how it actually affects humans with FA. So human trials should be next, yes. Patients should see it.

Although, and this is me being honest but critical, the author should write in a manner that his audience can easily understand. Break it down even the methods and materials into plain language because most patients and parents etc. Good call JD. I know that the goal is to make the articles readable to everyone but I am glad I am not the only one who sometimes has trouble following all of the scientific stuff.

I feel that the scientists are happy to explain when I email them. If anyone would like the full journal article only the abstract is available for free , I have linked it here.

Is there any way to read what Dr. Lynch wrote on the subject? Is anyone planning to take this before it is tested on a human FA model? I think I got it.

It is , right? I should be able to post Dr. Nice, well I felt like that read promising. This will at least be a blueprint for a treatment. I feel changes are coming in the next few years! Gunnhild, what dose are they using and is it more than once per day?

Also, on what exact date did they begin? The drug is called Intelence in europe. The recommended dosage is mg two times per day with meals. They started last wednesday and friday. I know it is soon but have they noticed anything? I thought I read about frataxin increase over 90 or so hours?

I mean I know you wouldnt start walking but maybe increase energy or difference in motor skills? Sorry to bug you, gunnhild is the most popular person in the forum now. I researched and saw that the recommended dosage for etravine for HIV patients is mg per day.

Do your friends really take double the prescribed dosage daily? Yes they both did! We almost dont dare believing it! I was wondering if the people taking it are documenting the effects they feel? If the drug is doing good it would definitely help move things along in terms of having official human trials if the people taking it in Europe shared the proof of their experiences with researchers here. The norwegian drug has dosage recommendations down to 6 year olds.

That part is really discouraging. But I guess at this point what we can really hope for is good outcomes. Basically, get a baseline measurement by timing it with no drug. Record the time. Then after taking drug for a week, re-test. Maybe do tests. Do NOT practice between tests. I wanted to remind everyone that this forum is not in any way intended to be used as medical advice.

Always consult with a physician before trying anything and we definitely do not encourage any medication that is not approved for FA treatment. Good point! Always to your own research and discuss it with your doctors. Yes, I plan to measure what I can. Tomorrow I will film myself walking on the treadmill and film myself talking.

Write something on a paper. Other suggestions? I got the prescription today and I wont wait to order a peg-test thingy. My arms are not so affected, but maybe we can film and time my knitting speed instead? This will sound like an odd question but I have a good idea. Do you have a wii fit gunnhild? Sorry if this is a strange suggestion, but I am so interested in the possibility of wiggling your toes on command.

Gosh that is creepy! I have received friend requests from people like that on Facebook and it scares me because that is so strange to me. Gunnhild, please give more information about those who started the drug-age, when they were diagnosed, physical condition …..

They are both early onset in early twenties. The doctors prescribing the drug is primary physicians. I will keep taking blood tests to monitor kidney, liver and general blood status, but I already do that because of Imukin. It is also important to read the packaging information so you are aware of any changes that needs to be reported to the doctor.

The patient needs to know what to look for. My primary care doctor said she is not against the medication since it should have little to no side effects, it has already been tested and approved a long time ago, but she does want me to meet with my neurologist first.

I am really glad you found us cgumie2. Hi guys!! I know you are excited to hear any news. I took one tablet yesterday. No side effects. Maybe som chills, but only maybe.

Still no side effects so that is a relief. I was worried about nausea. Just hate that! I think it is easier to get from sitting to standing, and I had to increase the speed on my treadmill. But everything I feel at this point is probably placebo. I am late onset also for the record. Diagnosed at I also will try this Etravirine a. First i will discuss this with my Neuro doctor and ask if they can monitor me. Blood, heart etc. With a bit of luck I can get this medicine this month. I will let you know how if Etravirine works for me.

This is very, very promising. Please keep us posted about your experiences. I will see my neurologist soon and ask him for a prescription and blood tests during use. Ivm very grateful for this forum and all your stories! G, how long have the other two people been talking the Etravirine? And do you know of any more improvements since you last reported? Is it mg twice a day with meals so mg total or mg a day mg with one meal and mg with the other meal?

I dont know yet. When I have talked about etravirine in other groups som people get very upset, kind of.



This research aims to determine the effects of a dance program in dialogue with somatic education in psychomotor aspects in a subject with Friedreich ataxia. We performed a dance program with 24 interventions on a subject with Friedreich Ataxia, and assessed pre- and post-program through the Monitoring Instrument Learning in Educational Dance. The results showed that the dance program with somatic education can improve the analyzed skills: getting up, sitting, shifting feet, shifting the ground, sitting position, body image, movement rhythm, and fluency movement. Studies on the interface between dance and disability were started in Brazil in the s, and have intensified in the recent years 1. Moreover, studies that emphasize physical disability have been frequently reported. Physical disabilities can be conceptualized as an impairment of the locomotor system, formed by the osteo-articular, muscular, and nervous systems. Diseases or injuries that affect any of these systems, either alone or in combination, can lead to a various physical limitations of gravity based on the affected body part and the lesion type 2.


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Designed originally to treat HIV. Potential therapeutic. In those trials, an appropriate dose can be determined. Yeah, even Dr. David Lynch wrote an opinion about it the day after the research was published.


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