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Available at checkout. More Info. Store DJ has two options for your product delivery. If you would like to collect this item and save yourself the freight costs please call Click here for more details. With 2, and 4,Watts respectively, the EP and EP amplifiers are perfect for medium-sized club gigs, mobile PA systems, church services or public spaces. Both channels have independent gain dials as well as clip LEDs that indicate when the signal is distorted and you need to reduce the gain.

A panel of switches found on the back panel offers an array of cool options to apply to both channels of the EP and EP The Clip Limiter lets you get even more out of the amplifier without overdriving either it or your speaker system. Ultra-low frequency sounds infrasonics are caused by rickety stage vibrations, mic thumps and wind noise.

While technically inaudible, they can cause a huge drain on amp power, potential damage to your speakers and a sludgy sound in the audible bass ranges. The same panel contains the switches that allow you to put these amps to work in either stereo or bridge mono mode. Both the EP and EP can be linked to additional power amps by switching into parallel mode. Independent DC and thermal overload protection on each channel automatically protects the amplifier and speakers from any show-stopping meltdowns.

Even the outputs are totally flexible, consisting of Speakon-compatible outputs and five-way binding posts. The exhaust fan, visible on the back panel, is the final stage of an internal back-to-front cooling system that keeps these amps working in the mild temperatures they love, even through periods of extended use.

Finally, an impact-resistant, all-steel 2U rackmount chassis helps these workhorses stand up to all the rigours of the road. It takes huge pulses of energy current and voltage to propel a woofer cone out fast enough to match a bass beat.

By carefully selecting transistors with extremely highslew rates and optimizing other proprietary parts of our circuitry, our amps are able to react instantly to even the most demanding electronic bass impulses. If the woofers in your PA system can keep up, your audience will hear a tighter, crisper, more natural sound. For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.

Subtotal inc GST. Total inc GST. Including GST. Discounts inc GST. Giftcard Total. Net Owing. Call: Need Help? View New Arrivals View Specials. Call Chat Online. Amplifiers The power behind your un-amplified speakers.

Over 19, Customers Can't Be Wrong! Own it now, 6 months interest free Available at checkout. Found a better price? We'll match it! Bulky Item express delivery. Express Shipping Calculator. Our Price. Our friendly staff are seasoned professionals in the industry, with in depth knowledge on the latest products and technologies. They are available to offer you personalized product advice.

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Behringer EUROPOWER EP2000 - power amplifier Specs & Prices


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