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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Mark J. Bissell President and Chief Executive Officer www. Seethe cleaningfluid sectionof this guide. Page 4 These items are availablefor purchasewith your model. To order replacementparts or additional tools or formulas, please referto page You'll find assembly and operat- Do not plug in your ing instructions, safety precautions, as well as cleaner until you have maintenance and troubleshooting instructions.

S implychoose oneof the 3 settings hightraffic,normal,or water only andthe PowerSteamerwill adjustthe rightamountof cleaningsolution to mixwith the water tofit yourcleaningneed. It spins whenthe triggeris pressed to indicatethat the machineisapplyingcleaningsolution to the carpetandwill stopspinningwhenthe SmartMix tankor Bladder needsto berefilled, o r whenthe triggeris released.

Note: Flowindicator doesnot spinwhen spraying throughthe attachment hose. Thiswill ensurethoroughremoval o f embedded dirt loosened bythedeepcleaningformula. B ISSELL deepcleaningformulascontain an anti-resoiling agentthat helpsyourcarpetsrepeldirt andkeeps themlookinggoodlonger www. Page 11 dry stroke, releasingthe trigger.

Continuethis until the water you see coming up the nozzle is clear. Page Machine Storage Any loose hair or debris can be pulledfrom the brush roll if desired and thrown away. Wipe the machine's exteriorwith a soft cloth. After carpet is dry,vacuum again to remove hair and fuzz. Whencleaning is complete,removeand rinse tools in clean, runningwater. Coil hose around the tool caddy. Empty2-in-1 water tank and rinse out, following the instructionson page Return readytools dial to floor cleaning.

Page 14 If cleaning on Berbercarpeting, gently run your machineover a hiddenarea. If no fuzzing occurs, continue cleaning in soiled area. Do not overwet. Wait minutes. Gentlywork the solution by blotting area with a clean,damp, color safe cloth. Page Hard Floorcleaning Vacuumor Sweepthoroughlyto pick up any loose debris and pet hair. Move any furniture, if needed. Page 16 Y oushould be able to see the pump belt looped aroundthe motorshaft.

If it is brokenor missing, pleasereferto ReplacementPartson page 19 before calling Consumer Services. Completeinstallation instructionswill accompanythe replacementbelt. Page 17 6. Empty2-in-1 water tank, refer to maximumdirty water. Other Maintenanceor Service not includedabove shouldbe performedby an authorizedservicerepresentative. If youshouldhappento needassistance during assembly or operations, call lPleasedo notreturnthis product to the storeJ www.

I t provides proofof dateof purchasein the event ofa warrantyclaim. See"About YourWarranty"on page20 for details. This manual is also suitable for: Powersteamer series Powersteamer series. Print page 1 Print document 20 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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What is deep cleaning and why is it worthwhile? Deep cleaning is a carpet-cleaning process that loosens and removes most harmful dirt and gound-in grit, which may be deep down in your rugs and carpets. Not only does it protect the investment you have in your home, but parents of young children, pet owners and allergy sufferers may find deep cleaning especially beneficial. The Powersteamer is a home cleaning system that uses a combination of hot tap water, BISSELL advanced deep cleaning formula, and suction to safely clean carpet. No other manufacturer of home deep cleaning machines is more experienced in the deep cleaning category. BISSELL deep cleaning machines are recognized as the high quality standard of the industry with ease of use, performance and durability engineered into each unit, every step of the way. Are all deep cleaners properly equipped to clean an entire home?


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