On our first trip to Sudan we arrived with the misguided view that it would be like Egypt but poorer. The two countries may have significant overlap in their histories, even being ruled together at times, but whereas Egypt owes almost all of its modern identity to the Arab Middle East, Sudan is irrefutably an African nation, albeit with a strong Arab flavour. The epic scale of the Sahara, seen from the air as you fly into Khartoum or felt rather closer to hand with the grit in your face as you drive through northern Sudan, takes your breath away just as the endless savanna does in the Dinder National Park. It is not uncommon to meet travellers in Sudan as part of a larger trip across Africa, and the overwhelming impression they had of the country before arriving was that it was a big sandy place to be transited as quickly as possible, en route to the better-known attractions of Egypt or Ethiopia. The magic of Sudan is that, once they have arrived, visitors are almost always immediately taken in by its easy-going nature, the rich and accessible history, and the enthusiastic welcome they receive from the Sudanese people.

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This third edition is the only stand-alone guide to Sudan with practical information on getting around a country where the travelling is rugged but the rewards immense. As the largest country in Africa, Sudan is vast, often described by its people as the whole of Africa in one country.

With more pyramids than Egypt, and rock gongs and engravings petroglyphs that are years old, it has one of the richest and least-explored histories in Africa. Improved infrastructure has made the archaeological riches of the Sudanese Nile more accessible.

This latest edition delves deep into Sudan's past, bringing to life its cultural heritage and history. It is divided into regions with new photographs and additional maps. Thank you very much for this valuable guide. Salih, Sudan.

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Sophie Ibbotson , Max Lovell-Hoare. The only guide dedicated solely to the new Republic of the Sudan. Explore entire pyramids and other ancient sites entirely free of tourist crowds. Drink in views over the Sudanese plains from the granite Taka Mountains. Dive the reef where Jacques Cousteau conducted his experiment in underwater living. Experience Sudan's cultural diversity among the 50 tribes of the Nuba Mountains. Yet those who do make it here are invariably enchanted by its easy-going nature, fascinating history and the warm welcome they receive from the Sudanese people.


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