Looking for a cadence? Looking for lots of cadences? Over the years, I have composed and released more than 62 original street beats and stadium grooves. For the most part, the music in the premium products was written for a predefined purpose, a real drumline that had to learn and perform it, or to target a particular skill level… on the other hand, the free compositions on this page are more experimental and self-indulgent, meant to push boundaries and prove to myself that I could do it. Sometimes creativity is inspired by the constraints it has to operate within… and sometimes creativity is unleashed by unbridled freedom.

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Sub-Sonic is a simple cadence for beginner drumlines. This drum cadence offers a fun and entertaining sound while still being simple enough for new drummers. Sub-Sonic is an excellent cadence for 6th, 7th and 8th grade drumlines.

This cadence is simple and fun and is managable for most beginner drummers. Zombie Squirrels is an exciting beginner drum cadence that introduces a few new rhythms. This drum cadence is great for younger groups or for programs that are in need of a quick fun cadence. This drum cadence is recomended for 7th and 8th grade drumlines. Storm is a very basic cadence that is simple enough for any drumline to play. This cadence consists of only a few basic rhythms and no accents.

We highly recommend this cadence for 6th and 7th grade drummers. Navigator is another one of our basic cadences. This cadence features several simple rhythms and is also very repetitive. Navigator is a great one for younger groups or can be used as an easy second cadence for groups that are capable of playing a Level 2 Cadence.

Time Travel is a great cadence for any beginner drumline. This is also a great cadence for first time tenor drummers as it helps demonstrate how the hands need to move and flow around the drums. Tadpole is a great cadence for younger drumlines who will be soon be transitioning to a more advanced group such as a high school drumline. This cadence is simple, fun, and packs quite a punch for a Level 1 cadence! Bumper is the easiest cadence in Street Beatz Pack 1. This cadence is perfect for middle school drumlines that are looking for a fun and simple cadence to learn quickly.

Cargo is a simple Level 1 Cadence but is slightly more complex than Bumper. This cadence utilizes 2 bass drum and a quint tenor drum configuration. ProJam is considered to be a difficult Level 1 Cadence. If you are debating betwen selecting a Level 1 or 2 Cadence for your drumline, we recommend that you choose ProJam.

This is a great cadence that's simple but won't put more advanced players to sleep. Earthquake is perfect for young drumlines and is a great first cadence for any group. This cadence features unison bass drum parts to make finding the beat as simple as it can possibly be. Raven is a short basic cadence that is broken down into 3 simple sections in order for it to be learned quickly and efficiently.

Raven is the perfect cadence for 6th grade drumlines. Vampire is a very simple cadece that consists of 3 repetitive sections. This is a great, fun sounding first cadence for any beginner group. Explore Community Education Site. Sheet Music. Middle School Percussion. High School Percussion. Drummer Bot. College Percussion. Drum Set. Drum for College. No part of this website may be reproduced without express permission.

FreeDrumline Music. We support vic-firth drum sticks, remo and evans marching drum heads as well as Yamaha marching percussion drums and drum sets. However, FreeDrumlineMusic.

Pearl drums, Dynasty drums, Tama drums, Mapex drums, and Ludwig drums are all percussion companies that we greatly support as well. Choosing the right drum stick is very important. As a musician it is your call when you feel to make the appropriate decision when it comes to stick selection. This is why we recommend both Pro-Mark and Vic-Firth drum sticks.

Drum stick selection varies when it comes to choosing a pair for drum set or marching percussion instruments such as snare drum, tenors, or bass drums. Cymbal selection for marching percussion drumlines is also a very important factor to consider. We recommend Sabian crash cymbals in a variety of diameters as well as Zildjian crash cymbals. Both Sabian and Zildjian have a great selection of ride cymbals, hi-hats, splash cymbals, and various other effects cymbals to choose from.

Drum head selection is important as well. Depending on what type of drum you are working with, whether it be marching snare drum batter or snare side heads or marching tenor drum heads, the correct seletion is essential. Evans drum heads and Remo drum heads are great to use for marching percussion equipment. The key to being a good musician is practice.

Having a metronome is very important. Drumlines are one of the most important aspects of a marching band. Having a marching band without a drumline leaves it incomplete. Writing your own music can help you become a better musician.


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In music , a drum cadence or street beat is a work played exclusively by the percussion section of a modern marching band see marching percussion. It is stylistically descended from early military marches , and related to military cadences , as both are a means of providing a beat while marching. Usually, each instrument will have a part that mimics a specific drum or drums on a drum set to create a sound similar to a drum beat. According to Hiro Songsblog a drum cadence is "'a drumline piece played in a parading marching band between or in place of full-band pieces'.


Drum cadence






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