She asks that Carthians call her Anya, and it is well known that her door and her wallet are both open for family. Martin Hayes: Martin is an unusually nervous and quiet Carthian, even for a Mekhet. He seems much more at home stamp collecting that forwarding the cause of the Movement but he uses his eye for detail and skill at historical research to keep the movement safe from any threat. It is known that he was once an analyst for some U. Elizabeth Garrett: Elizabeth was a pioneering physician and political campaigner, the first Englishwoman to qualify as a doctor as well as the first woman Mayor in England. After her embrace she took to continuing her work for woman's rights and medicine.

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The Carthian Movement is a covenant of Kindred reformers. Although the exact goals of the Carthians vary from city to city and from person to person, the covenant's ideals generally encompass tolerance within reason , equality, and fair representation of individuals' rights and needs. The Movement is an agent of change, and its members tend to have a reputation as firebrands, if not revolutionaries — a reputation that is often well-deserved.

As such, Carthians tend to favor philosophical ideals such as democracy, collective action, diversity, secularism, and individual rights, although exceptions to each of these can be found among the members and factions of the Movement. Although the Movement is the youngest of the covenants it's less than two centuries old , its members aren't simply drawn from the ranks of neonates : Carthian ancillae and even elders are just as committed to the ideals of the Movement as the more modern Kindred in the covenant.

It is hard to pinpoint a central date for the foundation of the Carthian Movement. Various Carthians in domains all across the world claim to have been the first Movement that had set off the spark across the Danse Macabre. What is known is that the Carthians are a modern phenomenon. The earliest movement that could be classified as "Carthian" appears in the early 19th century.

Since then, movements in New York , Paris and Amsterdam grew around mortal institutions that tried new approaches to government. Over the course of the century, more and more Kindred left their traditional Covenants in order to try out what the Carthians had to offer. Some Carthian Movements even gained legal representation before the Prince.

A common story is that the name "Carthians" originates from Emmanuel Baptiste Carth, the pseudonym of an apostate Lancea et Sanctum scribe who first formulated and spread ideals that would later be accepted by the Movement. Most of these Movements had nothing in common save their adoption of mortal ideology.

The Carthians of Moscow were violent "freedom fighters" against the other Covenants, while the Carthians of Paris managed to insinuate themselves quite well into the local domain. The rigors of the 20th century split these Movements into those that supported the capitalistic democratic model and those that supported the socialistic democratic model.

Since the end of the Cold War, post-modernism has crept into the Covenant, causing it to become more focused on ideology and the reasons for the necessity of the revolutionary struggle than direct action. Carthians appear to be a chaotic lot. Carthians themselves prefer the term "diverse". It is difficult to find commonalities across all Carthian domains, but several core tenets have crystallized themselves to define what constitutes a Carthian Movement.

Ultimately, the majority of Carthian domains are populist, and will tolerate dissent and deviation from their political norm only if either the argument or the Kindred presenting the argument is respected by the majority. Offices within a Carthian domain often vary according to the needs of the domain. Below are those most common. Individual coteries of Carthians have individual political outlooks.

They can rank from harcore Maoism to socialism to humanism to fascism or even esoteric branches like a fusion of Zen Buddhism with Carthian ideology. Elders of the Covenants still believe in the ideals of the French Revolution, the National Fascist Party, the Soviet Union or similar passed revolutions.

At its core, it is populistic, seeking legitimation from a large group of Kindred within the domain, sometimes even outside of their own Covenant. Unique among most Kindred factions, the Carthians embrace the Internet as a means of enhancing their Covenant. Some hope to establish the first multi-domain government since the Camarilla with this technology, but find themselves denied mass media due to the need of the Masquerade. Again, there are many factions within each Carthian Movement all across the globe.

Some of the more prominent are presented below. Vampire: The Requiem Covenants. Tier 1 :. Covenants :. Conspiracies :. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Carthian Movement 1006

The Carthian Movement or simply the Movement is comprised mostly of neonates and ancillae bound together by the desire for political reform, the search for a Kindred Utopia. Refusing to simply accept the status quo as inherently right or that medieval feudalism is the best system for governing Kindred, Carthians advocate any number of more recent -or more ancient- systems of governance. Communism, democracy, ethnocracy, kratocracy, logocracy, totalitarianism; there are almost as many ideologies as there are Carthians. The Carthian ideal often espouses every member having a voice, and everyone contributing to the betterment of all. As such, internally, Carthians are generally far more supportive of each other than other Covenants. Carthians tend to cleave more closely to the mortal world than other vampires.


Leaving the Carthian Movement

How does a domain allow for one without accepting the other? Is forbidding the former without restricting the latter possible? One European republican domain allows complete freedom of expression at Elysium while imposing a strict penalty on any vampire who interrupts a parliamentary session. Furthermore, the members of Parliament themselves are forbidden to stand or come into contact with one another during a session. Anyone who violates these rules is immediately escorted from the gathering by the Sheriff and his Hounds and prevented from participation during the rest of the session in question. This simple but harsh punishment guarantees that those who misbehave will have no effect on policy, giving all Kindred a strong motivation to remain within the bounds of acceptable conduct.

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