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Sign up for our newsletter about new books and exclusive offers. We are pleased to provide examination or desk copies to professors. Part of the Central Problems of Philosophy Series number 8 in series. McGill-Queen's University Press is a scholarly publisher of books that engage in public debate, current events, politics, contemporary thought, and the arts. Skip to content. Welcome, Guest Login Create Account. Stay Connected. By Stathis Psillos. Use the dropdown to select a format.

Request Exam Copy. All fields required. Email Print Add to Wishlist. Overview Reviews Author Bio Table of Contents Series Prizes and Awards This introduction to the major philosophical debates surrounding causation and explanation explores the connections between the two concepts, particularly the role of causation in explanation.

Stathis Psillos divides his account into three sections: causation, laws of nature, and explanation. He begins the causation section with Hume's classic "reductive" account and then focuses on the subsequent division between Humean and non-Humean accounts, examining topics such as regularities and singular causation, causation and counterfactuals, and causation and mechanism.

In the section on laws of nature, Psillos considers both the regularity view of laws and laws as relations among universals as well as alternative approaches to laws. In the final section on explanation he examines in detail the issues arising from deductive-nomological explanation and statistical explanation before considering the explanation of laws and the metaphysics of explanation.

Accessible to students of all levels the author provides an excellent introduction to one of the most enduring problems of philosophy.

Psillos has full command of the literature on these topics and explains the links between the issues masterfully. He gets involved with topics of current controversy and is prepared to take sides but does so with an eye to introducing readers to the central issues.

Preface ix Abbreviations Xlll Introduction 1 I Causation 1 Hume on causation 19 2 Regularities and singular causation 57 3 Causation and counterfactuals 81 4 Causation and mechanism II Laws of nature 5 The regularity view of laws 6 Laws as relations among universals 7 Alternative approaches to laws III Explanation 8 Deductive-nomological explanation 9 Statistical explanation 10 Explanation of laws 11 The metaphysics of explanation Notes References Index A Priori.

By Edwin Mares. Jay Wood. By Duncan Ivison. Realism and Anti-Realism. By Stuart Brock and Edwin Mares. By Geoffrey Scarre. By Rowland Stout. By Joseph Melia. By Doris Olin. Mind and Body. By Robert Kirk. By Barry Maund. By David E. Causation and Explanation. By Dale Jacquette. By Neil Gascoigne. By Paul O'Grady. By Pascal Engel. By Michael Welbourne. Free Will. By Graham McFee. All Rights Reserved. Book Type. Address 2 optional. Institution where course will be taught. Anticipated commencement date.


Causation and Explanation

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