Quick Links. Table of Contents. Never exceed the maximum weight capacity as shown on the accessories and loading label. Honda Motor Co. Accessories shown in the illustration are not part of the standard equipment.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Never exceed the maximum weight capacity as shown on the accessories and loading label. Honda Motor Co. Accessories shown in the illustration are not part of the standard equipment. And operating this vehicle safely is an important responsibility.

To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels in this manual. This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. To make Your vehicle can provide many years of yourself more visible, wear bright reflective service and pleasure - if you take clothing, position yourself so other drivers responsibility for your own safety and can see you, signal before turning or Page Protective Apparel Honda for this Following are suggestions to help you choose vehicle.

See page 3 for more details. Even one Not wearing a helmet increases the choose proper gear. Page 12 If you wish to carry more cargo, Overloading or improper loading can check with your Honda dealer for advice, cause a crash and you can be seriously and be sure to read the information hurt or killed.

Page 13 Accessories and Modifications Modifying your motorcycle or using Accessories non- Honda accessories can make your We strongly recommend that you use only motorcycle unsafe. Before you consider genuine Honda accessories that have been making any modifications or adding an Page 14 suspension travel or steering travel, emission control system or other equipment alter your riding position or interfere can also make your motorcycle illegal.

A blown fuse can cause a loss of lights or engine power. Their functions are described in the tables on the following pages. Page 19 Ref. Description Function 1 Tachometer Shows engine revolutions per minute.

Page Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge Tripmeter When the fuel gauge display flashing and To reset the tripmeter proceed as follows: enters the red band 2 , fuel will be low. Press the select button to select Tripmeter. Turn the fuel valve to the RES position and you should refill the tank as soon as possible. Page 21 Digital Clock 3. Page Major Components Information You Need To Operate This Scooter If the ignition switch is turned off or no Attempting to adjust directly from 3 to 1 operation is performed for 30 seconds may damage the shock absorber.

Page Brakes page 66 , there is probably air in the brake system Rear Brake Fluid Level: and it must be bleed. See your Honda dealer With the motorcycle in an side right position, for this service. If the pads are not worn, then brake system inspected for leaks. The recommended brake fluid is Honda DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid from a sealed container, or an equivalent.

Other Checks: Make sure there are no fluid leaks. Page Fuel If proper adjustment cannot be obtained or end of the cable. Turn the adjusting nut the clutch does not work correctly, see your 3 to obtain the specified free play. Honda dealer. Tighten the lock nut and check the Other Checks: adjustment. Page 26 With the fuel valve in the OFF position, fuel cannot flow from the tank to the carburetor.

Turn the valve OFF whenever the motorcycle is not in use. With the fuel valve in the RES position, fuel will flow from the reserve fuel supply to the carburetor. Page Engine Oil Honda dealer. Check the engine oil level each day before riding the motorcycle. To safely operate your motorcycle, your Do not overfill. Check good condition with adequate tread, and for oil leaks. This is normal, Keeping your tyres properly inflated so do not let air out of the tyres to match provides the best combination of handling, the recommended cold air pressures given tread life and riding comfort.

Page 31 Inspection Tread Wear Whenever you check the tyre pressures, Replace tyres before tread depth at the you should also examine the tyre treads center of the tyre reaches the following limit: and side walls for wear, damage, and foreign Minimum tread depth objects: Front: 2.

This can cause a crash in which or replacement. Engine and lights Key can be removed steering lock cannot be operated.

Engine and lights cannot be operated. Key can be removed Engine and lights can be operated Key cannot be removed The headlight switch 1 has two positions; and. Headlight, taillight and meter lights OFF. The headlight, taillight and meter lights operates only when the engine is running.

Passing Light Control Switch 2 When this switch is pressed, the headlight flashes on to signal approaching cars or when passing. Remove the key. To unlock the steering, turn the key to OFF. Do not turn the key to LOCK while riding the motorcycle; Removal: Insert the ignition key 1 into the seat lock 2 and turn it clockwise. The helmet holder is designed to sjecure your helmet while parked. Insert the ignition key 2 and turn it clockwise to unlock. Hang your helmet on the holder 3.

Turn the key counterclockwise to lock the holder and then remove the key. The left side cover must be removed for battery maintenance. The right and left side side cover can be removed in the same manner. Removal: Remove the seat page Remove the three screws 1. This compartment seat 3. WARNING Improperly maintaining this motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before riding can cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.

Check for leaks. Always follow the proper starting procedure Fuel level fill fuel tank when necessary described below. This motorcycle can be started with the transmission in gear by disengaging the Front and rear brakes check operation; Page 43 Continue warming up the engine until Preparation it runs smoothly and responds to the Before starting, insert the key, turn the throttle when the choke lever 1 is at ignition switch ON and confirm the following: fully OFF B.

Make sure the side stand is fully retracted To clear a flooded engine, turn the ignition before riding the motorcycle. If you must use engine compression braking by park on a slight incline, aim the front of the downshifting, with intermittent use of motorcycle uphill to reduce the possibility both brakes. Wheel removal should Make sure the engine is off before you begin normally be handled only by a Honda any maintenance or repairs.

This will help technician or other qualified mechanic; eliminate several potential hazards: instructions are included in this manual only to assist in emergency service. Page 49 Do not run the engine unless To ensure the best quality and reliability, instructed to do so. Page Maintenance Schedule Should be serviced by your Honda dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and service data and is mechanically qualified. Refer to the Official Honda Shop Manual.

Some roadside repairs, minor adjustments and parts replacement can be performed with the tools contained in the kit. The frame and engine serial numbers are The engine number 2 is stamped on the required when registering your motorcycle.

They may also be required by your dealer when ordering replacement parts. Page Colour Code Colour code qualities. Use only high detergent, quality motor oil certified on the container to meet The colour table is attached below. Viscosity: S. Colour Colour code Viscosity grade of engine oil should be based Page 56 page If a torque wrench is not used for this When running in very dusty conditions, oil installation, see your Honda dealer as soon changes should be performed more as possible to verify proper assembly.

Page 57 Check that the sealing washer on the drain plug is in good condition and install the plug. Replace the sealing washer every other time the oil is changed, or each time if necessary. Refer to the Safety Precautions on page Notice Never use a spark plug with an improper heat range. Page 59 wetfouled plug with a plug cleaner, otherwise use a wire brush. Page Valve Clearance Notice Improperly tightened spark plug can damage the engine. If a plug is too loose, a piston may be damaged. If a plug is too tight, the threadsmay be damaged.

Reinstall the spark plug cap. Page Idle Speed crankcase. In this position, the piston If it is necessary to make an adjustment, may either be on the compression or loosen the adjusting screw lock nut 7 and exhaust stroke. Page 62 See your Honda dealer for regularly scheduled carburetor adjustments. Warm up the engine, and shift to neutral, and place the motorcycle on its center stand.

Adjust idle speed with the throttle stop screw 1.


Manuales de motos de la marca Honda en Ingl├ęs

The vehicle presents you a challenge to master the machine, a challenge to adventure. You ride through the wind, linked to the road by a vehicle that responds to your commands as no other does. Unlike an automobile, there is no metal cage around you. Like an air plane, a pre-ride inspection and regular maintenance are essential to your safety. Your reward is freedom. As you read this manual, you will find information that is preceded by a symbol.


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