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Mi profesor no es muy bueno, pero estoy aprendiendo totalmente el material al leer el libro. Realmente disfruto leyendo el libro. Libro destacado. William H. Hayt 0. Hans C. Ohanian 0. Christian Wohlfarth 0. Edward G. Pita 0. Mark D. Licker 0. Jagdish Arya 0. Prahalad 3. Jayaram Krishnaswamy 0. Werner Dzieia 2.

Pao C. Chau 0. Kulkarni 0. Nekrasov 0. Dimitris Papantonis 0. Mukhtar Ahmad 0. Elliot Gindis 0. Oscar Moller 1. Matt Lombard 0. Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego 0. Osita D. Nwokah 2. Robert H. Bishop 1. Tabla de Contenido 1. What is Materials Science and Engineering? Classification of Materials. Functional Classification of Materials. Classification of Materials Based on Structure.

Environmental and Other Effects. Materials Design and Selection. The Structure of Materials: Technological Relevance. The Structure of the Atom. The Electronic Structure of the Atom. The Periodic Table. Atomic Bonding. Binding Energy and Interatomic Spacing. The Many Forms of Carbon. Amorphous Materials. Allotropic or Polymorphic Transformations. Points, Directions, and Planes in the Unit Cell.

Interstitial Sites. Crystal Structures of Ionic Materials. Covalent Structures. Diffraction Techniques for Crystal Structure Analysis. Point Defects. Other Point Defects. Significance of Dislocations.

Schmidt's Law. Influence of Crystal Structure. Surface Defects. Importance of Defects. Applications of Diffusion. Stability of Atoms and Ions. Mechanisms for Diffusion. Activation Energy for Diffusion.

Rate of Diffusion Fick's First Law. Factors Affecting Diffusion. Permeability of Polymers. Composition Profile Fick's Second Law. Diffusion and Materials Processing. Technological Significance. Terminology for Mechanical Properties. Properties Obtained from the Tensile Test. True Stress and True Strain.

The Bend Test for Brittle Materials. Hardness of Materials. Strain Rate Effects and Impact Behavior. Properties Obtained from the Impact Test. Mechanical Behavior at Small Length Scales. Fracture Mechanics. The Importance of Fracture Mechanics. Microstructural Features of Fracture in Metallic Materials. Weibull Statistics for Failure Strength Analysis. Results of the Fatigue Test.

Application of Fatigue Testing. Creep, Stress Rupture, and Stress Corrosion. Evaluation of Creep Behavior. Use of Creep Data Summary. Strain-Hardening Mechanisms. Properties versus Percent Cold Work. Microstructure, Texture Strengthening, and Residual Stresses. Characteristics of Cold Working. The Three Stages of Annealing. Control of Annealing. Annealing and Materials Processing. Hot Working.

Applications of Controlled Nucleation. Growth Mechanisms. Solidification Time and Dendrite Size. Cooling Curves.


Ciencia e Ingeniería de los Materiales – Donald R. Askeland – 6ta Edición

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Ciencia E Ingenieria De Los Materiales Askeland 6 Edicion Pdf


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