Allometric growth in cuban gar Atractosteus tristoechus larvae. Universidad de la Habana. Calle No. Of the 17 morphometric characters recorded, only six showed isometric growth describing a continuous and gradual change in a very few body characters.

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Crecimiento y mortalidad natural del pez Haemulon aurolineatum Teleostei: Haemulidae del suroeste de la isla de Margarita, Venezuela. Escuela de ciencias aplicadas del mar, Departamento de acuacultura. The curve of growth in length was fit to the model of von Bertalanffy, and described anexponential curve, where growth accelerated until the two years of age.

Epub September Se muestreo un total de 2 ejemplares, desde julio de hasta junio de La estructura de tallas de la muestra estuvo comprendida desde El peso total de los machos estuvo comprendido entre El valor del t 0 calculado fue de 0. Se compararon diferentes curvas de crecimiento de H. La gama de longitudes encontradas en el presente trabajo, tanto para machos como para hembras coincide parcialmente con lo reportado para la misma especie por diferentes autores.

En las costas Venezolanas, varios autores registraron diferentes tallas de H. Por otro lado, Manooch y Barans , capturaron un ejemplar de Por su parte, Pauly y Sparre et al. Palabras clave: crecimiento, mortalidad, Haemulon aurolineatum , isla Margarita, Venezuela. Recibido V Corregido XI Aceptado XII Bertanlanffy, L. Principles and theory of growth, p. Musk, J. The effect of subjective fish scale ageing on growth and recruitment analyses: A case study from the UK.

Acta Ichthyol. A simple method of resolution of a distribution into Gaussian components. Biometrics The biology, ecology, exploitation and management of Caribbean reef fishes.

Part V: The biology, ecology and bionomics of Caribbean reef fishes: Pomadasyidae grunts. West Indies 3: The living marine resources of the western central Atlantic. Bony fishes part 2 Opistognathidae to Molidae , sea turtles and marine mammals. Vols FAO, Roma, Italia. Los peces marinos de Venezuela.

Ex Libris, Caracas, Venezuela. FAO Fish. Synopsis of biological data on the grunts Haemulon aurolineatum and Haemulon plumieri Pisces: Haemulidae. NOAA Tech. NMFS Empirical relationships to estimate asymptotic length, length at first maturity and length at maximum yield per recruit in fishes, with a simple method to evaluate length frequency data. Fish Biol. Stock assessment tools users manual. La Pesca Industrial de Arrastre. Caracas, Venezuela. Estimation of growth parameters for data at unequal time intervals.

Conseil Int. Mer Manual de ciencia pesquera. Systematic and distribution of grunts Family Pomadasyidae. Distribution, abundance, and age and growth of the Tomtate, Haemulon aurolineatum , along the Southeastern United States coast.

Part V. Summary of biological and ecological data pertaining to Carribean reef fishes. West Indies 3 : 24 p. A simple method for comparing growth of fishes and invertebrates. Acta Cient. Once more on the comparison of growth in fish and invertebrates. Theory and management of tropical multispecies stocks: a review, with emphasis on the Southeast Asian demersal fisheries.

Studies and review 1: Estimation of mortality and growth parameters for the length frequency of a catch. Computation and interpretation of biological statistics of fish populations. Board Can. Introduction to tropical fish stock assessment. Part 1. Cod growth and temperature. A new method for estimating growth and mortality parameters from length-frequency data. Fishbyte 4: Biostatistical analysis. Services on Demand Journal. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Universidad de Costa Rica. How to cite this article.



Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. De los 17 caracteres morfometricos medidos, solo seis mostraron crecimiento isometrico describiendose asi un cambio continuo y gradual en muy pocos caracteres corporales. View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed.


Allometric growth in cuban gar (Atractosteus tristoechus) larvae

Estas novedades evolutivas. Anadara tuberculosaAnadara similisGeometric morphometric, Pacific coast of Colombia. The other body heights preanal and postanalhowever, recorded an isometric growth Table 1. Four different concepts of allometry are distinguished: The results of the allometric analyses carried out on Cuban gar larvae for the paired and caudal fins, as well as for the growth of the trunk and cephalic region, make it possible to state the following: Balon EK The theory of saltatory ontogeny and life history models revisited. Di or triphasic growth can be described by two or three different growth curves, respectively. A significant morphogenesis occurs during the early development when the larvae need to adequately and timely form somatic and visceral systems, as well as specialised structures for an optimal interaction with the environment Dettlaff et al.


The length-weight relationship and condition factor K are useful descriptors in population fish biology, because they provide essential information on growth strategies, nutritional status and reproduction. They are also parameters widely used to compare the condition of aquatic systems with varying degrees of human intervention. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of populations in pristine ecosystems, provides relevant basic information to understanding changes or effects in populations under these pressures. The San Pedro river Valdivia basin , southern Chile, is a system characterized by its current low intervention level, high fish diversity and low abundance of introduced species. We describe the length-weight relationship and condition factor of 12 native fish of the San Pedro river, for over two annual cycles, analyzing their growth strategies and seasonal variability in condition factor.



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