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Rue Leblanc 25 Paris Research Organisations. Sito web. Contatto amministrativo. Jean-Christophe Coste Mr. Ultimo aggiornamento: 2 Agosto Numero di registrazione: Veuillez activer JavaScript. Por favor, active JavaScript. Bitte aktivieren Sie JavaScript. Si prega di abilitare JavaScript. Segui le ultime notizie e i progetti sul Covid e la risposta della Commissione europea al coronavirus.

Italiano IT. English en. Deutsch de. No suggestions found. Results Packs. Notizie ed eventi. Progetti e Risultati. A proposito di noi. English EN. Scheda informativa. Risultato in breve. Informazioni relative al progetto USSU. Stato Progetto concluso. Data di avvio 7 Novembre Data di completamento 6 Novembre Obiettivo "The main scientific aim of the proposed research program is to study the physical properties of unconventional superconductors, in particular those with high superconducting transition temperatures cuprates and iron-pnictides.

The key issues are addressed through intensive team work and a bottom-up approach. This begins with the synthesis and careful characterization of single crystals, continues with the application of advanced experimental probes, and culminates in a rationalization of the obtained experimental results with state-of-the-art theoretical concepts.

The research will be devoted to studying the relationships between Tc and different structural parameters, the role of disorder and the electronic structure of iron-pnictides.

In addition to classifying the symmetry of the superconducting order parameter, a microscopic understanding of incommensurate magnetism will be sought by the application of complementary probes such as Mossbauer, NMR and neutron diffraction.

Other pertinent questions related to the magnetic pseudogap, charge-lattice deformation entanglement and superconducting fluctuations will also be carefully addressed. An interesting prospect to investigate for both classes of materials is that the superconductivity develops from a Fermi liquid, which, if proven correct, would be unconventional for strongly correlated electron systems. The originality of the project lies in its multidisciplinary nature.

It has been designed to establish an active synergy between material syntheses and advanced experimental techniques in the investigation of a cutting edge physical problem. Similarly, it succeeds in matching a well-qualified applicant with a top-class European institution.

As such it delivers important new skills and experience to the candidate and primes him for a successful independent career within the European Research Area.

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