Confira abaixo os melhores momentos da conversa. Ela coincide com uma teoria sua? Essa teoria de Riba eu mesmo escrevi, em , antes de saber que faria Dublinesca , iniciado no mesmo ano. E essa teoria foi escrita numa viagem a Lyon, como aconteceu com o personagem? Eu criei a teoria durante uma viagem a Lyon, da mesma forma como aconteceu com Samuel Riba.

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An Injection of Humility, by Vila-Matas. Los Angeles Review of Books. MAY 19, I remember that December 25th very well. Me with a scarf inside the house, listening to my mother say that for a city like Barcelona, so abandoned by the hand of God, it was a blessing that, even if it was only the once, He should have remembered us and brought us snow on the most appropriate day, Christmas Day, with divine punctuality.

For me, Christmas Day will always be the day of the Great Snowfall. To sum up: my life must be oriented toward Spain and the family.

We listened to that message in respectful silence mixed with some astonishment. The snow fell stealthily on the patio outside, as at the beginning of a Christmas tale. August Another very enjoyable ride. The Complete Review. April 21, Varno, David. On the Seawall. April 30, Banks, Eric. May 20, Mabbot, Alastair. And his problem.

The Herald Scotland. June 8, Trela, Baily. June 12, June 22, Fonseca, Carlos. In Mac and his Problem. The White Review. Witty, clever, literary novel. The Modern Novel. June Mc Dermott, Annie.

Repeat Perfomance. The Times Literary Supplement. Time's Flow Stemmed. July 26, Van Der Vliet Oloomi, Azareen. The Catalan Paradox: An Interview. A unique kind of joy. Politics and Prose. Maine, Derek. Book Review YouTube. Margaret Jull Costa y Sophie Hughes. Margaret Jull Costa. Valerie Miles. Anne McLean, Anna Milsom. Anne McLean, Tom Bunstead. Anne McLean, Rosalind Harvey. Anne McLean. Jonathan Dunne. Ann McLean, Rosalind Harvey. I was fascinated by his humour, the incredible knowledge he has of all kinds of literature, his compassion for writers, and his fearlessness in taking on literary subjects and making that part of what he is writing about.

In this self-reflective area of fiction, Vila-Matas has a province of his own. The future of the novel, I suppose, though possibly just the future of this speech. Put yourselves in , the year I was born, on the August afternoon when music stations in Maryland began to play the sounds of a strange, all but noiseless disc, soon spreading all along the East Coast, leaving a trail of perplexity in anyone who happened to hear them.

What was it? It is entertaining, funny and thought provoking. At only 89 pages it can be read in a day and probably will be because despite being quite philosophical, it reads like a thriller. You want to understand and so you keep reading and soon you are done. Second cycle Carlos Fuentes. Did the friendship leave traces in your literature? In that Spain, which was trapped in a provincialism and an antiquated realism, finding myself with someone who from the very first moment felt like a literary brother helped me to feel free and not consider myself as strange as some of my colleagues would have me believe.

Or maybe it was the opposite: I was stranger still. We laughed together very much. We wrote letters to imbeciles and we talked of a beauty that was short-lived and whose end would be disastrous.

Enrique Vila-Matas Never. I think of myself as the reader. LM The idea of the journey is at the core of your books: a writer travels and narrates his displacement We soon learn that the narrator himself has not-so-coyly taken the gambit: I wonder if I can do this. I am convinced that only by tracking down the labyrinth of the No can the paths still open to the writing of the future appear sigue leyendo. JWW: It would thus follow that truth—which apparently goes hand in hand with seriousness—boils down to a question of courtesy.

Be that as it may, I do find a great deal of humour in your novels, precisely in their most sullen passages. Wonderful observations about Malamud, Kafka, Sebald, and others—and a scene set in the offices of New Directions. When this story was first published in , few could have imagined that this staircase would end up turning Borges into a demiurge, a strange visionary who described the Internet before it existed. Shaj Mathew. The New Republic. Pasha Malla.

The Globe and Mail. June 5, The Illogic of Kassel. Complete Review. A chamber of echoes. Tristan Foster. Words without Borders. June 17, The illogic of Kassel.

July 23, One of the standouts of to date. Tony Messenger. Messengers Booker. July 27, Art for Whose Sake? Jonathan Lee. Literary Review. Issue The New York Times.

August 13, Lidija Haas. The Telegraph.


As engrenagens de Enrique Vila-Matas

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It is about a retired publisher, Samuel Riba, a former alcoholic, the alcoholism being one of the reasons for his retirement, who prided himself on publishing quality contemporary fiction in Spanish, with a fiction list which seems to match the taste of Vila-Matas. He is adapting badly to retirement. He spends far too much time browsing the Internet and chatting on the phone to friends. He goes to occasional conferences but feels removed from the publishing world. As the title tells us, he becomes interested in Dublin, though he has normally shied away from English-speaking countries, as he does not speak English, though does have a fascination for New York. Ther Dublin fascination is prompted by a dream he has of visiting a Dublin pub called the Coxwold, which turns out not to exist.


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Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Seix Barral, Condition: New. Niebla y misterio. Fantasmas y un sorprendente humor. Simplemente genial.

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