Message Board Skip to content. Quick links. Earthworks also makes a similar, less expensive model of omni, and a cardioid microphone.

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Message Board Skip to content. Quick links. Earthworks also makes a similar, less expensive model of omni, and a cardioid microphone. This mics are, in general, known for a ruler flat response and detailed impulse capture. They are omni-directional condenser microphones built right here in the US of A. They have no roll-off switch, or gain pad. Be careful with your pre-amp's gain setting and loud source material, because these mics are hot, hot, hot.

Be more worried about overloading your pre-amp than hurting the mic. They can handle high SPL. They come, if you buy a pair of them, in a wooden box, and will remind you of dueling pistols from the 23rd Century. So if your room sucks, sorry. If you always wondered why it doesn't sound as good on the recording as it did in the room, get a pair of these. I like to have one of these things pointed at the body of an acoustic guitar, less than an inch away. They're usually the first mics I try.

Haven't tried too hard on bass drum, though. Maybe somebody else has. They aren't flattering enough. Matthew All-the-Time NewPunk www. Let me tell you, these mics pic everything up. As said earlier , these have very flat response. Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to try these as anything but overheads for classical ensembles, but they sound amazing. I can only dream about what they sound like for an acoustic guitar.

They've just come out with a drum mic set, specifically designed for using only 3 mics on a kit. It comes with a matched pair of omnis or cardioids for live sound use and a cardioid with a removable in-line filter for the kickdrum. They call it the "KickPad" and it seems to subtely filter out some boxy mid frequencies. Full Compass is selling them. Bass cabs from a distance sound great with these, 'cause they get so much low end, and they excel for upright bass when wedged in the bridge with some foam and pointed up the fingerboard.

They're not my fav. So is hanging one inside an empty 5 gallon water bottle in front of the kit or a loud amp. I think you're better off just calling Earthworks and ordering direct from them if you want their stuff. Often they have deals on "B" stock, returns, or items with cosmetic blemishes, and they ship right away I thought this club was for musicians.

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Both mics have a self-noise level of 22dBA, which is somewhat high for a modern transformerless condenser microphone. The QTC40 requires 48V phantom power. It draws 10mA, requiring a high-current P48 source for best results. The mic ships with a plastic clip and its individually measured frequency response calibration chart. In my auditions, I found the QTC1 [aka QTC40] to be a very accurate, transparent microphone which conveyed even the most harmonically complex of instruments with perfect rendition. It has an extremely natural, extended and open top end … and a phenomenal bass response which really does go down to a very small number of Hz….


Earthworks QTC1 Omni Microphone Single (USED)

QTC1, Small diaphragm condenser microphone from Earthworks. Log in Become a member. Earthworks QTC1. Product presentation. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


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