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Quick Links. Download this manual. Congratulations on your emporia RL1 mobile phone! To get you acquainted with your new mobile phone as quickly as. The following pages of the user guide let you choose how much. We hope you will have fun with your phone, and wish you all the best.

Table of Contents. To get you acquainted with your new mobile phone as quickly as possible, we have put together all the essential information on a few pages. The following pages of the user guide let you choose how much time you want to spend acquainting yourself with the most important functions of your mobile phone.

Page 5 3 20 minutes for easy handling Useful functions of the keypad Page 6 4 30 minutes for pros Entering text with the keypad Page 7 5 Menu overview Page 8: Inserting The Sim Card 1. The SIM card is the small card with the clipped corner, which you got from your network provider. It serves as identification in the mobile phone network. Page 9: Charging The Battery 1. Insert the power plug into the power socket. This will turn the mobile phone on. When you turn on your phone for the first time, you will be prompted to select a display language: Using move to the desired language and select it with However, this is not possible with all network providers.

Press key. The menu will be displayed. This will always return you to the familiar look of the screen in standby mode. Page Dialling With The Keypad 2. Press in standby mode: Phonebook will be displayed. Use to navigate to the desired entry. Press to call. Please note: To save yourself entering new telephone numbers into the phone book, you can have them sent to you via SMS.

The messages have to be written in the following format: Name Number Example: Tobias — The telephone number has to be entered including the area code. Press 3 seconds: The list of most recently dialled numbers will be displayed with date and time signature 2.

Use to navigate through the list. Page My Menu 3. Once MyMenu is activated you access by pressing in standby mode. Page Alarm 3. The alarm will come with your selected alarm tone and a speaking clock. To access the alarm menu proceed as follows: 1.

Page Snooze Function 3. You may repeat this up to 17 times 90 minutes. Otherwise shut off the alarm by pressing 3. Page Key Lock 3. Every key represents several signs, depending on how often you press the key. You may delete or change signs in the entered text later on. Page 23 I Made a Mistake. What Now? Page Sms - Text Messages 4. You only pay for sending them.

Note: Some landline telephones can also receive SMS. Page Sending Sms 4. To send the completed text, press 2. Select Send with 3. Select Search by pressing 5. Open Phone book by pressing again.

Page Receiving Sms 4. Now you can read the message. For longer texts, scroll down with the key. Page Deleting Sms 4. Use to navigate to Delete SMS and select it with 3. Page Creating And Inserting Templates 4. Once made or selected from the template list they help save time when writing SMS messages.

Existing templates can be changed before sending them. Page Sms Blacklist 4. Page Phone Book 4. The entries may be saved to the phone, or the SIM card. See capter 4. Page Editing Phone Book Entries 4. Use to navigate to Edit contact and select it with 3. Use 4. Use or the keypad to navigate to the entry to be edited, and select it with 5. Page Name Search 4. Press and hold for your Top1 entry, the number is dialled; Press and hold for Top2, and so on … Page 35 Activating secure numbers: 1.

Use to navigate to Fixed dialling numbers and select it with 3. Press 5. Enter the PIN2 code using the keypad and confirm it with to select On and confirm with 6. Page Phone Book Settings 4. Memory in use determines if you are opening a phone book entry from SIM memory, phone memory, or from both locations. Page Settings 4. Use Please note: The current setting is indicated by a checked box A new setting is indicated by a bar. Instead of ringing, your phone will beep twice and vibrate for 10 seconds.

Page Sms To Phonebook 4. See chapter 2. They will be stored automatically in your phone book. Off: No one can send you phone book entries.

However, entries will be displayed as SMS. Page Birthday Reminders 4. Save birthday reminders. Use to navigate to Birthday reminder and select it with 3. Use to navigate to New birthday and select it with 4. In case this number is not stored in your phone or on your SIM card, you will be prompted to enter the number. Page Rf Exposure 6. When it is ON, it receives and transmits RF energy. When you communicate with your phone, the system handling your call controls the power level at which your phone transmits.

Page Distraction Limiting exposure to radio frequency RF fields For individuals concerned about limiting their exposure to RF fields, the World Health Organisation WHO provides the following advice: Precautionary measures: Present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of mobile phones. Page Product Handling 6. However, it must be protected from moisture rain, bath… and impact. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Any utilization other than described above will cause damage to the device, and may be hazardous electric shock, fire, etc.

Page 49 Demagnetisation To avoid the risk of demagnetisation, do not allow electronic devices or magnetic media close to your phone for a long time. Power supply Do not connect your device to the power supply or switch it on until instructed to do so in the installation instructions.


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