Kind code of ref document : A2. Kind code of ref document : A3. Effective date : Kind code of ref document : B1.

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USA sv. EPB1 sv. CAC sv. DET2 sv. EST3 sv. Method and apparatus for operating polyphase DC motors using a PWM chopping signal in zero crossing determination. Quadrature axis winding for sensorless rotor angular position control of single phase permanent magnet motor.

SEC2 sv. USB1 en. Application specific integrated circuit for controlling power devices for commutating a motor based on the back emf of motor. USB2 en. Estimador de velocidad y posicion de un motor sincrono de imanes permanentes basado en la obtencion de la fuerza contraelectromotriz del motor.

Axial-flow blood pump with magnetically suspended, radially and axially stabilized impeller. Method and apparatus for movable element position detection in an electrically commutated machine. Stepper motor device with compensating non-sinusoidal driving values and method of producing the driving values. GBD0 en. Improvements of accuracy of rotor position detection relating to the control of brushless dc motors.

Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur drehgeberlosen Identifikation elektrischer Ersatzschaltbildparameter eines Drehstrom-Synchronmotors. Determination of magnetic flux and temperature of permanent magnets in washing machine motor. Determining commutation position for a sensorless permanent magnet brushless motor at low or zero speed using an asymmetric drive pattern. Method and system for switching between different types of operation of a sensorless permanent magnet brushless motor at low or zero speed to determine rotor position.

Circuit and method for calibration of sensorless control of a permanent magnet brushless motor during start-up. CNB zh. Schaltungsanordnung zum messen der von einem stromdurchflossenen motor erzeugten emk.

Electronic control circuits, electronically commutated motor systems, switching regulator power supplies, and methods. USA en. EPB1 en. EST3 es. CAA1 en. DET2 de. DED1 de. EPA2 en. EPA3 sv. Inductor type synchronous motor driving system for minute control of the position and the rotation angle of the motor. JPB2 ja. KRB1 ko. USA1 en. Controller and associated system and method for pulse-width-modulation switching noise reduction by voltage control.


EP0515974A3 - - Google Patents

Kind code of ref document : A2. Kind code of ref document : A3. Effective date : Extension state : BA. Extension state : RS. Extension state : MK. Extension state : AL.

ISO 13818-2 PDF

EP1981165A3 - Verfahren zur Steuerung eines Reluktanzmotors - Google Patents

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fuerza contraelectromotriz

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