Hitachi bears no responsibility for failure or damage when used beyond the guaranteed ha Confirm that you have received the latest product standards or specifications before final design, purchase or use. Value per 1 channel. C1 to C8 should be polyester film capacitors with no secondary resonance non-inductiveto assure stable operation. HA Block Diagram C1 to C8 should be polyester film capacitors with no secondary resonance non-inductiveto assure stable operation. Even within the guaranteed ranges, consider normally foreseeable failure rates or failure modes ha semiconductor devices and employ systemic measures such as fatasheet safes, so that the equipment incorporating Hitachi product does not cause bodily injury, fire or other consequential damage due to operation of the Hitachi product.

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October 17, The HA is four-channel BTL amplifier IC designed for car audio, featuring high output and low distortion, and applicable to digital audio equipment. It provides 33 W output per channel, with a Circuit diagram:.

Labels 4x33W HA Labels: 4x33W HA Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog W Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit. March 06, Circuit Description Here is a circuit that uses a mosfet amplifier amplicable for subwoofer as the main booster, or the basis of this boosterAmplifier.

We also include a suitable power supply circuit with the use of MOSFETamplifier with W of power, not only of his course Schematic diagram for the layout design is also already there. Read more. October 02, TDA general description: This circuit described here uses two cis tda for use in stereo 2 x 80Watts or bridge mode 1x Watts , to configure this setting just four jumpers.

To facilitate mounting the circuit has power supply attached. This Power supply will for the two modules. TDA features: High power performances with limited supply voltage level.

Considerably high output power even with high load values i. November 01, One of these few is SGS's used in the present amplifier. The design of the amplifier is straightforward: a power op-amp followed by two output transistors. The supply current to the IC varies in accordance with the input signal. Consequently, there will be a similarly varying voltage drop across resistors R6, R7, R8, and R9 since these are in the supply lines to the op-amp.

As long as the current is lower than about 1A, the voltage drop across the resistors will be insufficient to switch on transistors T1 and T2. This means that outputs up to 2 W into 4 ohm are provided entirely by the op-amp. Once the output current exceeds a level of 1A, the transistors are on and contribute to the power ….

EN 14988-1 PDF

HA13155 Datasheet PDF



HA13155 - 33 W x 4-Channel BTL Power IC



33 W X 4-Channel BTL Power IC





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