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Already leader of the pack when it comes to full high definition projectors, Mitsubishi Electric has now taken picture quality to even greater heights with the introduction of the HC P home theatre projector.

Thanks to its swift auto-iris algorithm, more commonly found in higher priced models, the HC is capable of displaying images with contrast ratios up to a staggering 15,, giving you the richest blacks, the brightest whites and the richest, most vivid spectrum of colours. Not only this, the swift auto-iris provides incredible light intensity control for seamless switching between light and dark scenes.

Not only is the HC one of the best projectors available on the market, it's also one of the quietest, with an almost silent 19dB noise level.

With all these features and more, it's easy to see why the HC is the best choice for large screen entertainment in the comfort of your own home. This x dot full-HD resolution LCD panel can reproduce images of true high-definition quality. In order to display full-HD resolution, the HC is equipped with a lens system comprised of 17 elements in 14 groups, including three ED extra-low dispersion lenses, which are more costly and deliver higher performance than conventional glass lenses. This lens system dramatically improves chromatic aberration and peripheral focus.

To allow impressive big-screen images to be enjoyed even in a small room, the HC is equipped with a 1. The projection distance for a inch picture is just 3. In addition, there is also a power lens shift for moving the lens vertically and horizontally, greatly increasing installation flexibility.

The HC is equipped with the latest Reon VX chip produced by the US company Silicon Optix, a chip widely used on high-end AV equipment and which has earned an outstanding reputation among industry professionals.

For DVD playback, the HC is also equipped with a high-precision filter for pixel conversion processing and HQV noise reduction to reduce mosquito noise and blocking, ensuring high-quality picture reproduction. Due to the redesigned cooling system and the use of a low-noise fan, operating noise has been reduced to an amazingly low 19dBA low mode. Often found in higher priced models, the HC features a swift auto-iris control algorithm, which offers high speed transitions between light and dark images, for faithful reproduction of scene sequences in your favourite films or shows.

Combined with the HC's original contrast control, the auto-iris delivers contrasts up to 15,, always ensuring you get the richest blacks, the brightest whites, and the most vivid colours in between. The optimum design for temperature control of the new colour light source lamp, as well as Mitsubishi Electric's unique lighting timing, have extended the useful life of the lamp to a maximum of hours. Dust protection cover Dust protection for the LCD panel. Users can replace the lamp with out taking down the projector if ceiling mounted.

This design simplifies lamp replacements without turning the projector around or over when mounted on the ceiling or resting on a shelf. This design helps to reduce overall cost of ownership and maintenance. Lamp life is defined as the average time until brightness is reduced by half; it is not a guaranteed life for all lamps. Lamp life will vary considerably depending on the usage environment and conditions, and whether regular maintenance such as cleaning is performed.

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Mitsubishi Electric HC6000 User Manual



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