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Quick Links. User's Manual — Operating Guide. Thank you for purchasing this projector. Safety Guide" and related manuals to ensure the proper use of this product. After reading them, store them in a safe place for future reference. Various symbols are used in this manual.

The meanings of these symbols are. This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly. Please refer to the pages written following this symbol.

All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Before using this product, please read the "User's Manual -. Table of Contents. About this manual Various symbols are used in this manual. It requires just a little space for installation and gets a large image from short distance.

Speaker Zoom ring Security bar Focus ring Use for attaching a commercial anti-theft chain or wire. Page 8: Arrangement Setting up Arrangement Refer to the illustrations and tables below to determine the screen size and projection distance. To prevent damaging the projector and injuring yourself, always hold the projector whenever using the elevator buttons to adjust the elevator feet.

Do not incline the projector rightward or leftward. Also do not incline it backward or forward exceeding 30 degrees. Dropping or knocking over the projector may cause damage or injury. It is intended to be used as an extra theft prevention measure. A commercial anti-theft chain or wire can be attached to the security bar on the projector. Some cables have to be used with core set. A too long cable may cause a certain picture degradation. If it is damaged, contact your dealer to newly get correct one.

Battery may explode if mistreated. It may result in malfunction. Do not look into the lens of projector. Also do not peep at the inside of projector through a hole.

Please power on the projector prior to the connected devices. A dialog will appear on the screen to aid you in adjusting the volume. The basic operations of these menus are as follows. Then perform it referring to the following table.

In such a case, please reset the adjustment by pressing the RESET button on the remote control during this operation. Selecting AUTO will set a resolution appropriate to the input signal. Item Description Selecting this item performs the Automatic keystone distortion Item Description language.

Long max. AUTO OFF When the time is set to 1 to 99, and when the passed time with no- signal or an unsuitable signal reaches at the set time, the projector If the remote control does not function correctly set the this to either only 1 or only 2 as User registration is required before using the security functions. Please contact your local dealer. Using Security Features 1. Reenter the same PIN Code. This will complete the PIN Code registration. Using the Transition Detector Function While the Transition Detector function is ON, when power switch is started to supply to the projector, it might react as below.

The lamp can break with a loud bang, or burn out, if jolted or scratched, handled while hot, or worn over time. Note that each lamp has a different lifetime, and some may burst or burn out soon after you start using them. Page 51 Maintenance Lamp continued cause the pictures darker or the color tone poor. Preparation of a new lamp and early replacement are recommended. To prepare a new lamp, contact your dealer and tell the lamp type number.

NOTE also when you replace the lamp. Page 53 Maintenance pressing each of the six locations. Make sure there is no dust or dirt remaining after the cover is in place.

If any dust or dirt remains use a vacuum cleaner knob on the projector. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Related messages When the unit's power is on, messages such as those shown below may be displayed. When any such message is displayed on the screen, please follow the instructions described below. If the same message is displayed after the remedy, or if a message other than the following appears, please contact your dealer or service company.

Page Regarding The Indicator Lamps Troubleshooting Regarding the indicator lamps indicator have the meanings as described in the table below. Please follow the instructions within the table. If the same indication is displayed after the remedy, or if an indication other than the following is displayed, please contact your dealer or service company.

Please turn the power off, and allow the projector to Blinking cool down at least 20 minutes. After the projector has Blinking Turned that no foreign matter has become caught in the fan, In such cases, immediately turn off the power switch and then disconnect the power plug from the power outlet. Page 59 Troubleshooting Phenomena that may be easy to be mistaken for machine defects continued Reference Phenomenon Cases not involving a machine defect page The signal cables are not correctly connected.

The MUTE function is working. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact your dealer or service company. They will tell you what warranty condition is applied. Page 62 mm Page 64 Example of computer signal Initial set signals The following signals are used for the initial settings.

The signal timing of some computer models may be different. Page 78 Hitachi, Ltd. Consumer Affairs Department , Kifissias Ave. Print page 1 Print document 78 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Hitachi CP-X260 User Manual



Hitachi CP-X260 User's Manual And Operating Manual



Hitachi CP-X260 Projector



Hitachi CP-X260 Projector User Manual


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