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I have a Husqvarna sewing machine. It then bends and breaks. What am I doing wrong? I'm using needles recommended in the manual. It's an older machine from the 's and these machines were made to run for about 30 years and then slowly stop working so you would need to buy a new machine. It's possible the machine is at the end of it's life.

Sewing machines -even expensive european ones -don't last forever. But before we write if off try a few things: Change the needle and be sure it is inserted correctly. A backwards needle won't work -even though I know this I still occasionally put them in the wrong way. Make sure the bobbin case is inserted correctly and snapped into place. This is another one that catches me on occasion. Be sure there's nothing wrong with the bobbin case itself -the metal parts are all where they should be and nothing is twisted or broken.

Are you using the correct bobbins? While many modern machines take the same bobbins some older machines need special bobbins made for that particular brand of machine.

When turned to straight stitch is the needle coming down in a straight line in the center of the needle hole down to the bobbin? If it's off even just a little then you have a needle bar problem.

This needs a professional repair. Also, is the bobbin holder staying in the right place as the needle comes down or does it do a little jump to the side? Also possible but unlikely is a timing problem. These can creep into some older machines if the timing belt has stretched. Most timing belts are made of things that can't stretch but a few machines have been know to have rubber belts. Do not attempt this repair yourself -some machines have metal cam timing and either belt or cam it's easy to mess up.

I think it's time for your machine to get a professional tune-up. The other reasons the needle bangs on the bobbin case are all biggies that need a professional technician's tests and tools to fix. If there's hardened grease, a build up of lint in places you can reach, metal fatigue or a certain screw that needs an adjustment these problems need a pro to fix. Look up sewing machine repairs through your local business directory on google.

After a servicing your machine could be as good as new -or if it's toast the shop can help you get a new working machines that will do what you want and fit into your budget. Put in a new needle; your needle is probably bent. Rethread the bobbin and make sure the bobbin tension is set correctly, making sure the bobbin is threaded, and making sure the bobbin case loaded correctly.

I don't know for sure that you're doing anything wrong. I don't have that machine, so all I can offer is a general overview. If the needle hits the sewing surface rather than going through the hole to where it picks up the bobbin thread, either the needle is already bent or it's installed incorrectly so it's not going straight down when the shaft goes up and down.

In most sewing machines no idea if Husqvarna is an exception the flat side of the needle goes toward the back when you install it. Answer Save. Linda S Lv 7. Laurie Lv 7. Rethread the machine and make sure it is threaded correctly Remove the bobbin and make sure there is no lint in the bobbin housing.

Reset the tension on your machine to factory settings. If none of these help, replace the bobbin and the bobbin case. Finally, take it to a professional for assessment. MsBittner Lv 7. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.


I have a Husqvarna 2841 sewing machine.?

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