IATSE has 19 departments representing particular entertainment industry trades or crafts. The working people of IATSE Local have access to an extended health and dental plan, an RRSP plan, an employee and family assistance plan, and ongoing training with a strong emphasis on safety. IATSE Local has since been rechartered to include projectionists and Front of House workers and continues to grow both in its membership and venue affiliations. VSI also provides labour for many other companies around Vancouver Island. With the one hundredth anniversary of its charter in , Local has been an integral part of Vancouver's performing arts almost since Vancouver's inception.

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Applicants are encouraged to research what it takes to succeed in the area that they are interested in, talk to people who work in the industry, and take introductory courses. What unions do provide is the opportunity to work on signatory productions, representation by a bargaining agent and benefits, amongst other things. Generally, applicants must also have successfully completed a Motion Picture Industry Orientation course set-etiquette and a Motion Picture Safety Awareness course at a minimum, which we recommend completing before working on set in any capacity.

The following links will have information on how to go about becoming a member in different departments:. If you are just starting out in the business, joining the DGC as a Production Assistant is one way to experience how the industry works and get exposure to all the various departments and positions required to produce a film or TV episode.

You will also find on this page entry-level downloads like the Production Assistant manual and survival guides to help you out in those first days and understand what to expect of the job. ACFC is often the union signatory for lower budget productions. Each department has different skill sets, so check what is required for your area of interest,. View their membership information and find out about their Trainee Program. Teamsters Application process can be found on the website.

Responsible for performers, including Background Performers and Stunts. The following links will have information on how to go about becoming a member in different departments: Directors Guild of Canada — BC District Council.

Reel Green.


Joining the Unions

Click for more information. It also establishes a delivery system where members in need can have a trusted volunteer deliver groceries, prescriptions, etc. For this to work, volunteers are needed. Some models of these personal fall limiters, when subjected to rough handling, have failed to perform reliably. The document includes part numbers and manufacturing dates, inspection instructions, and replacement procedures. Read the document here. If you do not have your user ID, please contact Dispatch at or Reception at and they will provide it.


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