Advanced Search. Tata owners manual. Vehicle specs exchange accepted yes make tata model safari variant Make month july fuel type diesel transmission type manual condition new Similar: Tata safari jammu. Vehicle specs make tata model safari variant safari 4x2 lx dicor

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. The Indica Vista is also a leap in terms of technology. Take rest at regular intervals. Make sure that to secure the occupant of the vehicle. Page Services 4. The belt must not be altered or to the pillar as it retracts. Be sure everyone in your vehicle is Pull the tongue to the desired length. When a safety belt is worn properly, it in a seat and using a seat belt Insert it into the buckle until you hear is more likely that the foetus will not The door which dealerships.

Page 15 Key is specific to the immobilizer of tional E-Keys. The car unlocks when 1. Page 17 Deployed air bags and seat belt SRS inoperative. Authorized Service outlet. Tow the car to a safe place. The danger is in loss of traction and sideways slippage, possibly resulting in tipping over. Immobilizer system is designed to prevent car theft by electronically 2 Customer should, disabling the engine starting system.

In such vehicles, use 1. Ensure that the vehicle is in neutral winder handle manually for lowering gear with the parking brake applied.

This can be opened To open the trunk lid, pull the lever Ensure that the bonnet is properly by pulling the opening lever located at Shown in fig. Air vent Side 2. Passenger Air Bag if fitted 3. Instrument Cluster 4. Combination Switch 5. Steering Wheel 6. Audio Controls on Steering Wheel 7. Driver Information System 4. Solar Sensor 5. Instrument Cluster 6.

Steering Wheel 7. Audio Controls on Steering Wheel 8. Driving your car as per approximate fuel level in the tank. The trip meter can be used to measure the distance traveled on each trip or As applicable between fuel fillings. Please note that each switch has to be pressed and released to change the function. Type : 24 Hour format 7 segments, 4 digits.

Speed Limit Indicator Air Bag Indicator ABS Indicator if provided Driving your This meter indicates the engine mate fuel level in the tank. Change the gears at appropriate Refill the fuel tank before the needle The engine coolant temperature gauge indicates the approximate coolant temperature. Multifunction LCD e. Main Odometer after 20 secs. Fuel Computer : a. Vehicle speed should be more than 10kmph.

After resetting the Average fuel consumption the display This value tends to vary with change in drive pattern, vehicle will indicate 0. Instrument Cluster Display on Trip-B Page 55 OFF. En gines performance deteriorates while it is running. Check Engine Amber 1. Page 56 2. Illuminates continuously if engine oil level is less than a pre- defined minimum level.

Stop the vehicle as soon as safety permits and switch off the engine. Check engine oil level and top-up if required. Page 57 OFF. It will continuously illuminate when there is malfunction of charg- ing system. Page 58 Illuminates when engine coolant temperature is very high and continuously flashes along with buzzer if engine coolant temp. Switch off the engine and allow to cool. Top-up coolant if coolant level is low. This test and if necessary, road tests Since the leveling switch takes care 1 Head lamp leveling rotary of headlamp focus pattern under switch: b Position lamp in ON.

The windshield wipers operate for select desired wiper speed. When traveling without a heavy load C. The front fog Hazard warning is used in case of lamps can be switched ON with breakdown especially during night and ignition ON and parking lamp ON and Turn Indicator 2. Head Lamp High Beam 3. Parking Lamp Direction Indicator Head lamps are clear lens type having Reverse Lamp multi focal reflector and are provided This helps settling in the seat and inserting the key in the ignition switch.

Towards feet Towards feet and windshield Recommended for clearing Before start of AC after long time, more than a month of non use : In Fresh air mode, air is taken from run the blower for 2 minutes. Air Flow Direction B. Blower Speed C. Air Temperature D. Tyre pressure and condition of 1. Adjust your seat position. Bonnet is properly closed and tyres.

Check adjustment of all rear view 2. Coolant level. Height Adjustment : button to move downwards. Make sure that the top of restraint is at the same The seat height adjuster lower lever height as the top of the occupants is located on the outboard side of the head. These can be folded independ- fort.

Outer Rear View Mirror 2. Lever for adjustment Operating knob 1. Inner Rear View Mirror The rear view mirror is fitted on the door Your vehicle is equipped with motor- An antiglare mirror is fitted inside the Make sure that steering wheel is securely locked by checking up and down direction. NOTE Steering wheel should be adjusted only when the vehicle is stationary.

The steering column is locked when Key of ignition switch is common for the key is removed. You can insert or Keep the clutch pedal fully pressed door lock, steering lock and glove box remove the key only in this position.

Never depress the brake dealer or If the vehicle has NOTE Remember that the distance between the warning triangle and the vehicle depends on local regulations. Move cautiously off the road to safe place away from traffic. NOTE towing dollies under the front wheels. This tow hook must be screwed into the positions provided on front or rear bumper. Headlight bulb can be replaced without even disturbing or removing the entire headlight unit.

Carefully remove the headlight bulb Replacing the Parking Bulb : from the socket Fig. Replace the bulb.

Install in the reverse order of 2. Open the tail gate. Remove the bolts 2 nos holding the tail lamp cluster using a spanner.


Tata Indica Vista 2008-2013 Aura 1.3 Quadrajet

Advanced Search. Tata vista manual indore. Make tata model indica vista variant indica vista aqua tdi bsiii vehicle Type diesel transmission type manual condition used is the vehicle certified Similar: Tata indica indore. Indica vista tdi model 2nd owner good condition diesel vehicle specs make tata model indica vista variant indica vista ls tdi bsiii vehicle


Tata vista manual indore



Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet Service Manual



TATA Motors INDICA VISTA Owner's Manual


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