It is a series of crime novels and features a detective , Inspector Jamshed, who solves crimes with the help of his three children, Mehmood, Farooq, and Farzana. Mehmood is studying in high school and is very clever and intelligent. On the other hand, Farooq is very talkative and climbing trees are one of his brilliant talents. Farzana is very clever and is very good at coming up with plans whenever they are trapped in a difficult situation. With the help of their father, they also solve crime cases.

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He started by writing short stories for children and then wrote his first novel in He was at his peak of popularity in the '70s to '90s due to his Inspector Jamshed series , Inspector Kamran Mirza series , and Shoki series. As of he is an editor of the magazine , Bachon ka Islam and writing novels for Atlantis Publications , Karachi. Ishtiaq Ahmad has authored hundreds of suspense thriller novels in Urdu for children and include characters such as Inspector Jamshed, Inspector Kamran Mirza as well as the Shoki brothers.

Ahmad novels always start with a Hadith , followed by "Doo Batain" Two Words , although the order was reversed in the beginning. The "Doo Batain" section started as a way to address the reader. It often contained news about the author, his interpretation of world events, possibly a preview regarding the story, or at times, a completely off the topic narrative. The ultimate purpose of this was to inform and entertain. Notable ones began with: "Doo Batain: Batain to shoro ker chuka, ab aagay kiya khaak likhoon ga?

He has written novels at a very fast rate due to which he has written lots of books, but he used to write a couple of novels in a year which were called Khas Numbers or Special Numbers. In these novels most of the times all three detective parties used to solve the case together. After writing 4 small books every month Jamshed Series Books, 73 Kamran series Books, 55 Shoki Series Books in total at that time his finger had started to hurt so he started writing Mini Khas Numbers twice a month.

He also started to write medium Khas numbers. Home About Products Forum Contact.


Inspector Jamshaid series



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