Hoy, no estamos contentos. Despues de orar por ellos nos despidieron muy contentos y nos dijeron que primero Dios visitaran en algun momento la Iglesia. Unidos a la Eleccion NJG. A 16 Mayo de Esta es la ense Para la honra y gloria de Dios!

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Hoy, no estamos contentos. Despues de orar por ellos nos despidieron muy contentos y nos dijeron que primero Dios visitaran en algun momento la Iglesia. Unidos a la Eleccion NJG. A 16 Mayo de Esta es la ense Para la honra y gloria de Dios! Quiero compartir un testimonio si me lo permiten. Nos precupamos por que estaba embarazada y con muchas mas complicasiones en su embarazo, era de alto riesgo y eso la ponia en la situacion muy debil ante este virus, aun asi no perdimos la confianza y nos pusimos en peticion toda la familia, y pedimos de la oracion de la iglesia.

Cuando la confirmar A principios de el mes de Abril diagnosticaban a mi tia Ruth Gonzalez Esparz Cuando la confirmaron con el virus, le hisieron una cesarea de emergencia para salvar al bebe de cualquier riesgo! No pudo conoserlo no pudo tener contacto con el. El bebe nacio bien gracias a Dios y sigue bien.

Alos los 5 dias de ser diagnosticada y aver tenido una cesarea de emergencia empeso a empeorar no podia respirar, por lo que los medicos desidieron que lo unico era entubarla para salvar su vida y sedarla completamente. Aqui es donde empesamos por todos los medios aun por facebook a pedir de sus oraciones por ella y su salud. Paso 2 semana y media entubada con un ventilador que la ayudaba a respirar.

La primera semana fue muy critica pues solo empeoraba y no mejoraba dependia demaciado del oxigeno. Pero al inicio de la segunda semana llego un mensaje de amor, de esperanza de consuelo, El Apostol de Jesucristo nos mando desir que estaba orando con mucho llanto a Dios y que estaba pidiendo por las nesesidades de su pueblo. Y tambien nos dijo a unos Dios les contestara pronto y a otros mas adelante.

Ese dia por la noche llego una llamada del hospital donde nos desian que ella habia mejorado un poco. Yo en lo personal le llore mucho a mi Dios, y esque no podemos callar las maravillas de Dios, ese dia El Apostol de Dios mando su mensaje ala iglesia, Dios ya le estaba contestando su oracion!

Cada dia llamaban del hospital y nos desian ella sigue estable pero aun falta mas tiempo para poder despertarla, y esperabamos agarrados de la mano de Dios. Asi pasaron los dias sin novedades asta que desidieron llevar acabo un tratamiento que aunque no garantisaba nada ellos creian que le ayudaria y pusieron en ella el plasma de otra persona que sobrevivio el virus, por que ese plasma tenia anticuerpos.

Pero seguia igual no mejoraba entonces desidieron empesar a ponerle una vacuna que en otro tiempo se uso para convatir otro virus. Seria diario una vacuna por 10 dias. Pero no dejavamos de llevar en nuestra oracion las palabras del Apostol de Jesucristo que Dios contestaria nuestra peticion. Poco a poco dependia menos del oxigeno, y llego el dia que pudieron quitar por completo el ventilador eso nos conforto en grande manera.

Al paso de los dias y muchas luchas por que fue y aun es dificil la recuperacion, pero le dieron de alta siendo negativa ante el virus y alos pocos dias de estar en su hogar pudo reunirce con su bebe y conoserlo gracias a Dios. Hoy aunque aun un poco debil esta bien con su animo fuerte. Muchos que se avian recuperado del virus que confiaramos.

Dios Bendiga a Todos. Con el gran amor que caracteriza a la Iglesia La Luz del Mundo, hoy los hermanos de la colonia Bethel hicieron entregas de algunas despensas en el Hospital Civil de Guadalajara. Con el gran amor que caracteriza a la Iglesia La Luz del Mundo, hoy los hermanos de la colonia Bethel hicieron entreg A las enfermeras y enfermeros en todo el mundo, les decimos A 10 de mayo de Nos dijo:.

Llego a tu casa Hermosa la heredad que Dios nos ha dado. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Canal de Youtube. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Send Message. Dios los bendiga. One year away the legal truth is that he did not start his trial, his constitutional rights were violated and as a consequence, we have a discarded case and we await compliance with the Supreme Court's decision of appeals to see it again with us.

It's true that it's been a year of contradiction, but also of opportunities: - On the one hand we are hurt by the unfair arrest of ADJ NJG, we miss seeing him physically, as a church we have lived in our own flesh slander, offenses, acts of discrimination, mockery and even threats.

Today we are more united, stronger, trusting God, with more encouragement than ever and from this adversity we have also learned. We live times of hard TEST. The bars will open! I love you so much One day we accept a challenge and this town is not one of those who turn backwards, our life has one sense and is forward.

God bless you. The Church The Light of the World delivers this present in the form of gratitude, love and affection because it is better to give than to receive Acts Translated. Another truck with food deliver brothers in Hermosa Province. At May 16, This is the solidarity that is practiced in The Light of the World by all countries. These are times of health emergency but also to show love to others. LLDM Translated. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Abner Canales Martinez. You are the Light of the World! Real testimonies: " Although I am not of this religion but if I respect them, I respect them because they deserve it. Release In response to the measures implemented by the authorities to address public health problems related to the COVID virus, we say: 1.

From last March 16, the Church La Light of the World temporarily suspended and until further notice, its prayer meetings that are held daily in all temples, as a form of support in the face of health contingency, and even when the government still allowed meetings of up to a certain number of people.

From that date, daily prayers are being transmitted via the internet, so that everyone can participate in the message of God's word from their homes.

Our temples will be reopened once health authorities give their approval for opening. The members of the church yearn to reintegrate, along with their brothers in faith, into their religious activities and will do so once the pandemic is over.

We trust that, being Mexico a rule of law, the authorities will protect the constitutional freedoms of the members of our Church. We will continue to pray for the governments of all countries, as well as staff working in the health area, who are doing their best to safeguard the integrity of people.

Continue Reading. For the honor and glory of God! I want to share a testimony if I may. We worry that she was pregnant and with many more complications in her pregnancy, she was high risk and that put her in the very weak situation before This virus, still we did not lose trust and put ourselves on request the whole family, and asked for the prayer of the church.

When she was confirmed with the virus, they made an emergency caesarean to save the baby from any risk! Couldn't meet him couldn't have contact with him. Baby was born well thank God and still well.

At the 5 days of being diagnosed and having had an emergency caesarean started to get worse she couldn't breathe, so doctors decided that all was to intubate her to save her life and sedate her completely. This is where we start by all means even on facebook to ask for your prayers for her and her health.

Spend 2 week and a half intubated with a fan that helped her breathe. The first week was very critical because it only got worse and didn't improve depended too much on oxygen. But at the beginning of the second week came a message of love, hope of comfort, the Apostle of Jesus Christ commanded us to say that he was praying with a lot of crying to God and that he was asking for the needs of his people.

And he also told some God to answer them soon and others later. That day at night a call came from the hospital where they wish us that she had improved a little. I personally cry a lot to my God, and we can not shut up the wonders of God, that day The Apostle of God sent his message to the church, God was already answering his prayer! Every day they called from the hospital and wish us she is still stable but there's still more time to wake her up, and we waited holding on the hand of God.

This is how the days passed without news until they decided to carry out a treatment that although it did not guarantee anything they believed would help him and put in it the plasma of someone else who survived the virus, because that plasma had antibodies.

But it was still the same it didn't improve then they decided to start putting a vaccine that was used to convince another virus. A vaccine would be daily for 10 days. But let us not stop carrying in our prayer the words of the Apostle of Jesus Christ that God would answer our request. Little by little it depended less on oxygen, and the day arrived that they could completely remove the fan that comforts us in great way.

Hard one more week in the hospital recovering, but thank God and the prayer of his holy Apostle we saw his mercy and gave witness to the doctors that the church was praying for them constantly the doctor shed his tears and express: " This did God not us " We are flooded with joy to see his recognition towards God. At the pass of the days and many struggles because it was and it is still difficult to recover, but he was discharged being negative before the virus and a few days of being in his home he could meet with his baby and meet him thank God.

Today although still a little weak is fine with his strong encouragement.


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Log In. Create New Account. We see professionals with Master Degrees receiving instructions and indoctrination from people that have no idea of what they are doing. Follow us and get inspired! I needed to make the decision to actually talk to God. It is such a difficult and painful situation. Jesucristo dijo que el que lo quisiera seguir que dejara su ganado y sus pertenencias y ri lo siguiera.


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