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Part II of the Order makes fresh provision for the protection of workers in relation to the payment of wages. Application for consent 5. Find answers to all your homework questions and assignments at homeworkguru. The amendments to various merchant Acts and other matters are set forth in Schedules. Nakinos Exchange of notes of 14 August and 1 October constituting an agreement amending the agreement of 15 November Learning takes place with a curriculum centered around reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and fine arts.

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Peru - Specific categories of workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Adoption : PERR Peru - Specific categories of workers - Law, Act. Adoption : PERL Decreto-ley por el que se dictan normas relativas a la estructura y funcionamiento de las organizaciones agrarias.

Decreto-ley : ley del periodista. Decreto-ley sobre reforma agraria. Philippines - Specific categories of workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Department Order No. Philippines - Specific categories of workers - Law, Act. Domestic Workers Act R. Section 1.

Declaration of State Policy Section 2. Period for Release of Retirement Benefits Section 3. Retiring Employees with Pending Cases Section 4. Coverage Section 5. Penal Provisions Section 6. Implementing Rules and Regulations Section 7. Separability Clause Section 8. Repealing Clause Section 9. Philippines - Specific categories of workers - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.

Memorandum Circular No. Adoption : PHLM Establishes a housing fair to run from October April to offer for sale under reasonable terms and conditions eligible properties for persons employed in the public sector.

Volunteer Act of Republic Act No. Institutionalizes a Strategy for rural development strengthening volunteerism and for other purposes. Executive Order No. Its purpose is to formulate, implement and monitor programs and projects to provide assistance to civil servants, particularly those in financial difficulties. Contains the amended Rules implementing Executive Order No. Adoption : PHLL Amends the principal Act concerning qualification requirements of applicants section 15 , registration and exceptions section 26 and transitory provisions section Philippine Nursing Act, Act No.

Comprehensive legislation regulating various aspects of nursing profession. Main objective is to provide for protection and improvement of nursing profession by instituting measures that shall result in relevant nursing education, humane working conditions, better career prospects and dignified existence for nurses.

Inter alia provides for organisation of board of nursing, examination and registration of nurses, nursing education, nursing practice, as well as several related matters. Repeals Nursing Act, Maunlad Programme seeks to improve coconut productivity and increase the annual income of coconut farmers from P10, to P, per hectare through an integrated coconut-based farming system.

Components of the programme include establishment of model coconut farms, coconut replanting, establishment of local nurseries, and provision for agricultural infrastructure. Classifies science and technology personnel and provides for the specific regulation of wages, honoraria, shares of royalties, hazard allowance for work with radiation or other hazards , medical examination, subsistence allowance, longevity pay, and housing benefit.

The purpose of such incentives is to encourage scientific and technological development. Adoption : PHLR Sets forth requirements for training and certification of aircraft pilots and crew members employed in air taxi operations.

Also regulates flight time for aircraft personnel. Inter alia, sets forth requirements for training and certification of aircraft pilots and crew members employed by national or international airlines.

Also regulates flight time limitations for airline personnel. Amends Section 1 article 3 b definitions , section 2 article 10 exemptions and exclusions , Section 3, article 11 1 commercial farming , Section 4, article A incentives as well as sections Provides for special allowances for these workers including hazard and subsistence allowances, civil service eligibility after 5 years of service, free legal services, and preferential access to loans.

Amends Labour Code with respect to minimum wage of house helpers. Minimum wage varies between P Provides for the recruitment, qualifications and working conditions of persons working in the health sector. Sets out the rules for conditions of work for homeworkers. These include the registration of homeworkers' organizations; the registration of employers, contractors and sub-contractors; modalities for the payment of work; the establishment of standard rates for homeworkers; the prohibition on deductions from earnings except in certain circumstances; the conditions for payment of work done; provisions for the enforcement of the rules; the setting out of the duties of employers, contractors and sub-contractors; the employment of minors; the prohibition on working with explosives, fireworks, drugs, poisons and other articles that require exposure to toxic substances; and the provision of technical assistance to homeworkers' organizations, employers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Imposes a lien on sugar to be used primarily to augment the income of sugar workers in the form of a cash bonus.

The remainder of the lien will be used for several specified socioeconomic plans and programs relating to the welfare of sugar workers. Administrative Order No. Memorandum Order No.

Republic Act No. Resolution No. Philippines - Specific categories of workers - Constitution. Prescribes a revised compensation and position classification system in the Government and for other purposes. Section 2 of the Act sets out a declaration of principles and policies for the agricultural sector and rural development. Provides for the redistribution of land to landless farmers and farm workers. It covers all public and private agricultural lands as provided in Proclamation No. Provides that no officer or employee in the career service shall be removed except for a valid cause and after due notice and hearing.

Sets out the order in which employment of civil servants is to be terminated based on length of employment and status of contracts. Employees can appeal decisions in the first instance to the appointing authority and then to the Civil Services Commission. An Act providing for an increase in the wage of public or government sector employees on a daily wage basis and in the statutory minimum wage and salary rates of employees and workers in the private sector and for other purposes Republic Act No.

In addition to increasing the minimum wage, contains provisions regarding the resolution of disputes in relation to wage structure distortion. Workers paid by result or on a piecework basis shall receive not less than the applicable statutory minimum wage for eight hours' work or proportion thereof for fewer hours. Learners, apprentices and handicapped workers are entitled to 75 percent of the minimum wage. Provides for exceptions and penalties.

Repeals inconsistent legal provisions. Sets forth qualifications of the ombudsman and deputies, provided for in article XI, s. Lists the office's powers, functions and duties including recommending the removal, supension, etc. Provides for insurance coverage for local government officials who do not receive a fixed salary or compensation.

The coverage extends to cases of sickness, injury, disability and death. Executive Order provides for compulsory registration by natural and legal persons owning land, in order to permit valuation of the property in case it should be acquired by the Government for purposes of agrarian reform. The registration is to include a listing of the names of all tenants and farmworkers.

The Order sets forth the modes of compensation to landowners, as well as the options available to them regarding voluntary land transfers. For lands with multiple beneficiaries, ownership of whole parcels or estates may be transferred collectively or individually, as the beneficiaries prefer. The Department of Agrarian Reform is granted quasi-judicial powers to determine and adjudicate agrarian reform matters; its decisions have immediate effect but may be appealed to the regional trial courts.

The Presidential Agrarian Reform Council, of which the Secretary of Labor and Employment is a member, is to co-ordinate implementation of the programme. The Order reiterates constitutional principles, including the right of farmers and regular farmworkers who are landless to own directly or collectively the lands they till, and respect for prior rights, homestead rights of small settlers and the rights of indigenous communities to their ancestral lands.

Persons or associations who prematurely enter the land to avail themselves of rights and benefits under the Order shall be permanently disqualified. Entry into force 15 days following publication in the Official Gazette. Amends ss. In particular, permanently disqualifies members of the Communist Party of the Philippines or any subversive association as defined from holding any public office, appointive or elective, and makes them subject to special penalties upon conviction.

Henceforth, all basic salaries and cost of living allowances of public secondary school teachers shall be paid by the national government, in line with the methods for implementation set forth in the Order. This Executive Order provides that all government employees can form, join or assist employees' organisations of their own choosing for the furtherance and protection of their interests s. This applies as well to labour-management committees, works councils and other such participation schemes.

The Order contains protections of the right to organise ss. It further refers to negotiations s. Repeals the Order which established the Corporate Farming Program; entities under its coverage are to wind up corporate farming affairs within three years. Amends s. These amendments primarily address trade union representation and procedures governing the right to strike. The Order also amends ss. The Order replaces the provisions on state policy towards the labour movement s.

It amends s. Sections numbered in the Order as s.

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