Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc amplification blocks, and all the conventional operational amplifier circuits that now can be implemented more easily in single-supply-voltage systems. Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. Home — IC Supply — Link. The low supply-current drain is independent of the magnitude of the supply voltage.

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Texas Instruments Incorporated and its subsidiaries TI reserve the right to make corrections, enhancements, improvements and other. Buyers should obtain the latest relevant information before placing orders and should verify that such information is current and. Testing and other quality control techniques are used to the extent TI deems necessary.

Except where mandated by applicable law, testing of all parameters of each component is not necessarily. Buyers are responsible for their products and. TI does not warrant or represent that any license, either express or implied, is granted under any patent right, copyright, mask work right, or. Use of such information may require a license from a third party under the patents or other intellectual property of the. Reproduction of significant portions of TI information in TI data books or data sheets is permissible only if reproduction is without alteration.

TI is not responsible or liable for such altered. Information of third parties may be subject to additional restrictions. Resale of TI components or services with statements different from or beyond the parameters stated by TI for that component or service.

TI is not responsible or liable for any such statements. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that it is solely responsible for compliance with all legal, regulatory and safety-related requirements. Buyer represents and agrees that it has all the necessary expertise to create and implement safeguards which. Buyer will fully indemnify TI and its representatives against any damages arising out of the use. In some cases, TI components may be promoted specifically to facilitate safety-related applications.

Nonetheless, such components are subject to these terms. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that any military or aerospace use of TI components. In any case of use of.


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