He is always in a thoughtful mood — planning more and more mischief. He is too clever to leave any evidence of his guilt. They could never get his paw-prints. It is said that Macavity is nowhere found.

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Dedicated to rural talented children of Navodaya across the country! On The Grasshopper And How The Camel Got Prose Passages Poetry Passages. Letter Article Short compostion. Formative Summative. To communicate with their pet and understand their feelings. To be familiar with the different actions and reactions of pets.

To enable the students to share their personal experiences. To enable them to express themselves in grammatically correct language. To enable the learners to extrapolate from the given text. To sensitise the students to the feelings of an individual.

To enable the students to think of an alternative ending to the story. To enable them to use new words and phrases in their own language. The present poem is a beautiful poem on a mischievous cat named Ma cavity. Though all the pet cats are not so mischievous Ma cavity is so and it is a mystery cat for the poet. This poem is an account of the crimes committed by the mischievous cat Macavity.

The poem deals with a master criminal, who can defy and break any law. The poet calls him a mystery cat and the Hidden Paw. The poet says that he defies law again and again but he is never caught. Even the police force and Flying Squad of England have failed to arrest him. When the Flying Squad reaches the scene place of crime, Macavity is not there. So, the Scotland Yard is puzzled. In committing crimes no one is like Macavity, he is matchless in his field. He can do any impossible task.

Even the fakir and the magician are surprised to see his feats. He will outwit you. You may look for him in the basement and in the air, you will have no access to him.

Macavity is a tall and thin cat, his eyes are sunken and his head is highly domed. He sways his head from side to side like a snake. When you think he is sleeping, he is wide awake in fact. You may meet and see him everywhere but whenever his crime is discovered you will not find him there. Who is Macavity? Ans:- Macavity is a myster criminal in the shape of a cat.

How does the poet describe Macavity? Ans:- The poet describes Macavity as- a master criminal, a mystery cat and the Hidden Paw. How does the Macavity the British police? Ans:- Macavity outwits the British police-slipping away from the scene of crime before the police arrives there. Ans:- Macavity moves fast like a snake. How does he dodge people and the police?

Ans:- He befools the people and the police. When they think he is half asleep, he is always wide awake. Ans 1 i :- Macavity is a imaginative cat who is very mischievous.

Ans Macavity is a very cunning and cautious cat. He is tall and thin, his eyes are sunken in, his head is highly domed. His coat is dusty and he never combs his whiskers. Ans Yes, the poet is fond of cats but he hates Macavity who is big criminal because he dodges the police every time. So, he calls him a fiend and monster. Ans Yes, the poet has used exaggeration for special effect and to show that Macavity has supernatural power. For example- 1. He breaks the law of gravity. His powers of levitation would make a fakir stare.

A fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.


Macavity : The Mystery Cat Summary Class 8 English

The cat is a great criminal. He has openly disobeyed the law. Yet the police of Scotland Yard is helpless before Macavity. Sometimes the Flying Squad runs after it. However, the squad is always disappointed. The cat is never found by it. Macavity moves much faster than the Flying Squad.


Study Material and Summary of Macavity: The Mystery Cat NCERT Class 8th

The poem describes how he manages to commit all types of crimes and always escapes from being caught. He breaks all the laws yet the police fails to catch him. He also has some alibi his companions in crime. The poem is light in tone and theme is not serious. It is humorous in nature. We will discuss each stanza in detail line by line and also learn the meanings of difficult words. In other words, he has made the police of Scotland confused because when the Police reaches the scene of crime after he commits the crime , he vanishes away.


Summary and Analysis of Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T.S Eliot

Dedicated to rural talented children of Navodaya across the country! On The Grasshopper And How The Camel Got Prose Passages Poetry Passages.

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