Good environmental practices check list for food services: elaboration, content validation and inter-rater reliability. With the objective of elaborating, validating the content of a good environmental practices checklist LVBPA-SA for food services, and verifying the inter-rater reliability, an instrument was constructed based on a literature survey and the guidelines established by Brazilian Legislation National Solid Waste Policy, National Water Resources Policy, National Policy on Conservation and the Rational Use of Energy. The form of presentation, semantic clarity, and the ease of understanding, filling in and using the instrument were evaluated, and the specialists could suggest alterations to the instrument. The Kruskal-Wallis test was applied to compare the variance between responses.

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Journal Metrics. The purpose of this research was to analyze the perceptions and practices of participants involved in safe food handling. The sample was composed by participants. To assess behavior, knowledge and psychosocial factors, the instrument used was divided in six topics: sociodemographic characteristics; behavioral measures regarding safe food production; measures about knowledge and practices in pest control and food purchase; Food Safety scale with two factors and Cronbach's alpha of 0.

A linear model of multiple variance analysis was used to evaluate if the variables gender, age, income, education and professional experience were used to determine the behavioral, knowledge and psychosocial measures. When the detected differences were significant, a post-hoc analysis was used with the Tukey adjustment. The knowledge about safe food production and food poisoning showed that The data obtained for self-efficacy showed significant differences for the variables gender, age and education.

Women and college graduates replied that they Are Sure they Can Do That when asked about the execution of tasks that promote food safety. These results substantiate the need for educational initiatives tailored to develop the food safety knowledge and food-handling practices in Brasil. Review of self-efficacy and locus of control for nutrition-and health-related behavior. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 97 10 , Alimentarius, Codex. Code of hygienic practice for precooked and cooked foods in mass catering.

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Journal of environmental health, 71 6 , To make sure that you can receive messages from us, please add the 'macrothink. If you do not receive e-mail in your 'inbox', please check your 'spam' or 'junk' folder. Journal of Safety Studies. Journal Metrics h-index : 2 iindex : 1. Journal Help. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Font Size. Current Issue. Abstract The purpose of this research was to analyze the perceptions and practices of participants involved in safe food handling.

Full Text: PDF. Pasquali, Luiz. Stevens, James P. Applied multivariate statistics for the social sciences: Routledge. Remember me.


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