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Platecoil Brochure - Bombas y Sistemas Hidroneumaticos. DO NOT use for heat up or cool down except in moderate requirement situations and with calculated area doubled as a safety factor. Pressure data is applicable to all styles. Contact factory if higher operating pressures are required. Other Gauges: Multiply above weights by:. Weights are for 16 gauge, use factors for other gauges. Applies to all styles. This philosophy reinforces our long-standing reputation as the most customer-oriented plate heat exchanger manufacturer.

From a position of strength as an industry leader on the North American continent for over 65 years, Tranter has introduced advanced manufacturing procedures into its U. The acquisition of major products and manufacturing facilities in Sweden, Switzerland and Canada has provided Tranter heat transfer technology with even greater selectivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in solving any heat transfer need.

Tranter —THE heat transfer people. When resistance welded together, these embossings form a series of well-defined passages through which a heating or cooling media flows. A Serpentine flow-configured PLATE- COIL unit provides outstanding performance with liquid heating or cooling media, allowing high internal flow velocities to achieve high heat transfer rates. Serpentine units are frequently specified for use with cold water, hot water, hot oil and refrigerants.

Extremely crucial welding is done by highly experienced personnel on the most modern welding equipment. Average thickness embossings and components are joined with resistance welds, while other welding processes are dictated when heavier gauges and plate are required or specified. Code stamped, when required.

The process is used principally for the removal of forming and welding stresses, and to prevent chromium carbide precipitation sensitization. An economical electropolished finish for Stainless Steel units greatly reduces the tendency for scaling in phosphatizing and other similar solutions. Each unit is thoroughly tested All PLATECOIL units receive an airunder-water leak test, which is more sensitive than a hydrostatic test at the same pressure, before being authorized for shipment. All A.

Code stamped units receive a hydrostatic test; a halogen leak test is normally performed for refrigeration applications; and a mass spectrometer test is standard for units in cryogenic service. Many of these can be shipped from stock. This large assortment of preengineered units is designed to satisfy a wide range of heating and cooling requirements in industrial process applications. Other alloys are available see below. Flow configurations other than Multi-Zone and Serpentine can be specified to meet special design and performance requirements.

Standard units for tank sidewalls are available in seven widths and twelve lengths, or in customized variations. Standard double embossed units PLATECOIL units are best known as immersion products which simplify and make open tank heating and cooling of liquids, solids or gases more efficient than with pipe coils. Embossings control flow patterns to increase velocities for improved heat transfer and reduced fouling. Jackets can easily be designed with two or more zones to efficiently satisfy diverse process requirements.

A PLATECOIL bank-in-tank unit provides wide interspaces and open turns for effectively passing solids or fibers, while efficiently recovering heat from dirty wastewater. Thermal pollution is also reduced at the same time. Flows are basically counter-flow for maximum heat recovery.

PLATECOIL drum warmers are extremely effective for heating with steam, hot water, hot oil or high temperature heat transfer liquids, and are equally adaptable for cooling by using cold water or a refrigerant. Standard drum warmers include external clamp-on, saddle and immersion styles.

PLATECOIL bayonet heaters provide a large amount of efficient primary heating surface in a single unit for maintaining desired temperatures in storage tanks. This results in higher internal refrigerant velocities to generally improve overall heat transfer rates.

Code requirements. Embossing can be provided on heads as well as on plate thickness side wall sections using MIG welding. They also serve as mixer baffles. Heavy gauge materials and special reinforcing features provide rugged units to withstand agitation force.

A wide variety of pass designs is available for tailoring to fit the requirements of each application. Heavy gauge Carbon Steel plates are used due to erosive nature of the product. High temperature thermal fluid circulating through the unit gives very uniform surface temperatures over the foot length. This bank assembly is used for heating solids in a fluidized bed dryer. Electropolishing resists fouling and enhances the appearance of the metal surface.

Width Inches A Dim. Carbon Steel and 16 and 14 ga. Other sizes can be shipped in weeks. The flat side can be 12 or 10 ga. This is equivalent to x7.

Enter the bottom of Fig. From this intersection, move horizontally to the left and read: Temperature Per Sq Ft Steam Watery solution 2.

Steam Light oils 3. Steam Medium lube oil 4. Steam Bunker C or 6 fuel oil 5. Steam Tar or asphalt 6. Steam Molten sulphur 7. Steam Molten paraffin 8. Steam Molasses or corn syrup High temp. Water Watery solution Water Quench oil Water Medium lube oil Water Molasses or corn syrup Water Air or gases Freon or ammonia dir. Watery solution With heat transfer mastic It is available in five standard plate configurations, in a variety of materials, including titanium, and in widths from 12" to 48".

ECONOCOIL units can be used with steam or liquids for heat transfer applications in chemical, metalworking, paper and textile plants, plus many other manufacturing operations.

Talk to your Tranter sales representative regarding your particular requirements. Stainless Steel. ASME code ratings are available upon request for stainless steel only.

Single-embossed gauges and pressures are available upon request. Net Wt. Hangers are available in both stainless steel and titanium.

Threaded ends are also available. With Tranter and its authorized service facilities, you can always be sure that you get the right gaskets, the right plates, the friendliest service and our OEM Guarantee.

Give us a call at They can be used in many duties where shell and tube units typically cool mechanical and electrical equipment—liquid-to-liquid, steam-to-liquid, gas-to-liquid, gas-to-gas and refrigerant applications including ammonia. The SUPERMAX all-welded plate heat exchanger handles liquids, gases and two phase mixtures at pressures to plus psig and at very low and high temperatures.

Nozzle sizes up to 6" can be accommodated on the shell side of the exchanger, offering higher steam and liquid flow rates. It can be fabricated from dissimilar metals when only one side will be exposed to corrosive conditions. It can handle liquids, gases and mixtures of the two. Special alloy construction is available, allowing it to be used with aggressive media.

Various plate chevron angles offer flexibility in optimization. High internal flow velocities of these exchangers generate effective heat transfer rates.

Single- and double-embossed styles may be flat, bent or rolled as immersion heaters, banked for tanks, used in mixers, cryogenic shrouds, jacketed vessels, clamp-on panels, and a wide variety of other configurations. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user. Close Flag as Inappropriate. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible.


Bombas y Sistemas Hidroneumaticos, S.A. de C.V. - Guadalajara

Platecoil Brochure - Bombas y Sistemas Hidroneumaticos. DO NOT use for heat up or cool down except in moderate requirement situations and with calculated area doubled as a safety factor. Pressure data is applicable to all styles. Contact factory if higher operating pressures are required. Other Gauges: Multiply above weights by:.


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