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Register Log in. Your search for art, design, antiques, and collectibles starts here. Stephane Leroux matiere Chocolat Stephane Leroux. Buy now. About the item 2 Vol. ISBN Cassette met 2 boeken Deel 1: Matiere Chocolat: pagina's x mm , Een kunstboek met ca.

Speechless will come to mind as you flick through the pages of Matiere Chocolat, the stunning book by Stephane Leroux. At first glance, it's almost unimaginable that a wave, rose, granite, bamboo cane or mahogany plank could be made of chocolate. Each masterpiece reflects the technical expertise of Stephane Leroux in bringing matter to life in such striking fashion.

But it is nature - the sea, the birds, the plants and the flowers - that stirs his imagination the most. What he produces in chocolate not only verges on perfection, but also offers that added spirit found in leading visual artists: a unique ability to capture light and spread its effects throughout an entire work. Stephane Leroux, recognised pastry chef Compagnon Patissier du Devoir du Tour de France , is one of those who believe in the need to pass on the baton so that new generations can strive even further and continue this quest for perfection.

With this in mind, take time to cast your eyes over the work within the work, the second book of the box set Matiere Chocolat. In the pages of these Design Techniques for Chocolate, Stephane Leroux presents 50 or so style exercises using a step-by-step approach, from the creation of a stem in cocoa butter to the production of a concrete brick!

More than photographs with accompanying text offer a wealth of detail on the progress of each piece, from the raw material, chocolate, to its transformation into a work of art, at the same time bringing all his creations within reach of everyone. Stephane Leroux has several prestigious awards to his name - Meilleur Ouvrier de France Patissier , and twice winner of the top artistic prize for chocolate creations and at the World Pastry Championship in Las Vegas.

His current position is technical adviser at Belcolade, however he is also active in other roles, including his position as trainer at the Ecole Superieure Nationale de la Patisserie in Yssingeaux, France. He has taught and given demonstrations in the four corners of the world. Comment ne pas etre fascine en feuilletant ce coffret signe Stephane Leroux. Il est en effet difficile de s'imaginer, au premier regard, qu'une vague, une rose, un galet, une tige de bambou ou d'une planche en acajou puissent etre faits de chocolat.

L'execution en chocolat qu'il propose tend, non seulement, vers la perfection, mais elle offre un supplement d'ame, caracteristique des grands artistes plasticiens : a savoir une faculte inouie de capter la lumiere et de prolonger les effets de celle-ci jusque dans la matiere.

Stephane Leroux est de ceux qui croient a la necessite de passer le temoin, afin de permettre aux nouvelles generations d'aller plus loin, de poursuivre cette progression vers la perfection. C'est dans cette perspective qu'il faut voir l'ouvre dans l'ouvre, a savoir le second tome du coffret Matiere Chocolat.

Dans les Techniques du Decor en Chocolat, Stephane Leroux expose pas a pas quatre douzaines d'exercices de style, de la realisation d'une tige en beurre de cacao a la fabrication d'une brique en beton! You may also like. Price 41 USD. Price 47 USD. Table analytique et raisonne? Price 85 USD.

Price 87 USD. Sold items. Paris, Bernard Grasset, Contes indiens. Manuscrit autographe. Paris []. Petit in-4 x mm. Eaux-fortes originales de Henri-Matisse. Realized Price , USD. Photographie originale. Ce que disaient les trois cigognes.

Sans lieu ni date [vers ]. Stay up-to-date with the antiques world Submit. Barnebys HQ Kaptensgatan 6 57 Stockholm.


Matiere Chocolat by Stephane Leroux

View Larger Image. Book 1 is an art book showcasing Stephane Leroux's chocolate masterpieces. Book 2 is a laboratory or workshop guide which provides more than 40 original techniques from Stephane Leroux, explained in step-by-step detail using a combination of text and illustrations. This description thanks to world cat org This appears to be a first edition as in my research I have seen some copies; there is no other date than the as shown on the copyright page. Collector's condition. Don't hesitate to contact me for any information. Bookseller Inventory


so good.. magazine – The magazine of the haute pâtisserie

As you will read in his bio below Leroux is truly a master of his craft and each day as the class approaches my excitement to learn from someone of his caliber builds. His three-dimensional works appear remarkably true to life. During the same year, he earned the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title, the highest distinction a pastry chef can achieve in his career. Leroux is currently a chocolatier and instructor for Belcolade in Belgium where he recently co-created a stunning Art Nouveau chocolate sculpture two meters in height for the Bruges Chocolate Festival in April, In addition to the array of stunning images in the book, it also includes a practical manual illustrated with more than photos retracing step-by-step the techniques he has developed. Another amazing showpiece from Stephane Leroux. This is made out of chocolate.


Matiere Chocolat

View more. His third book returns to chocolate as a raw material for the making of artistic pieces and does so with great detail. Surprising, captivating, stimulating … we can think of many adjectives that go hand-in-hand with Bleu Chocolat. The book is divided into two volumes that separate the creations which are magnificently photographed by Tom Swalens in final pieces and in the techniques used by the French chocolatier to achieve each result. Discover Bleu Chocolat.

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