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DC to DC converter applications with minimal external parts count. The differences between UC and UC are the. Ordering Number. Lead Free. Halogen Free. Tape Reel.

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This article covers only the 8-Pin version of the IC. It is an output pin that outputs low impedance 1MHz signal based on the difference between the set and current-voltage. It is normally connected to the voltage feedback pin of the IC through a resistor and capacitor. V FB Voltage Feedback.

It is an input to the error amplifier inside the IC. The difference in voltage level is supplied to this pin. A shunt resistor is used to monitor the current through the circuit, and the voltage across it is provided as a feedback to the current sense pin.

The IC has an internal oscillator which can be set using an external resistor and capacitor connected to this pin. Connected to the ground of the circuit.

This pin outputs the PWM signal based on the feedback provided and we can use this to switch the power electronic device. Supply voltage for the IC Nominal 11V. Reference voltage based on which the PWM signal is produced. This IC features a trimmed oscillator for precise duty cycle control, a temperature compensated reference, a high gain error amplifier, a current sensing comparator, and a high current totem pole output for driving a Power MOSFET.

So if you are looking for an IC to produce PWM signals for controlling a power switch based on the current flowing through the circuit, then this IC might be the right choice for you. Using UC in a circuit is very simple as it requires a minimum number of components. A sample application circuit from the UC datasheet is shown below. The input voltage to the VCC pin should be 12V to 28v. The output pin of the IC is connected to the gate driver circuit of the Power switch which is to be switched.

A shunt resistor is used to monitor the change in current in the circuit, and then this difference voltage across the shunt is provided to the feedback pin. VREF is used to provide charging current to the oscillator timing capacitor through the timing resistor. Dimensions for the UC IC is given below. If you are using a different package IC, please refer to the UC datasheet.

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