Bob Levine September 1, The other day on the User to User forum there was a post from someone who had just switched from Pagemaker and was assured that InDesign in Creative Cloud would be able to open Pagemaker files. Check it out. PageMaker is not there. There it is, clear as day.

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I purchased a copy of Illustrator hoping i could just open the PM6. ADOBE what is your opinion on this matter? Why is there no conversion method available to graphics professionals and individuals?

Are we just left for fodder? Thank you. Thank you everyone for your responses. I do appreciate it. But it wouldnt let me. I think because the hashtags have already be set for the post. I am continuing to search the interwebs in hopes that i can find a service or program that can convert large file. I'm still curious why you dont offer this as a service.

Now I'm getting spam over it? You could take Monika up on her offer. But I wouldn't be surprised if you still have a lot of work to do in InDesign. I have converted the file. The PageMaker file was MB.

It took InDesign CS6 a couple of minutes to open that on my aged cheesegrater. Of course there were missing fonts and missing links, but InDesign imported the paragraph styles. Tracking gets chaned as well. Seems like PageMaker supported some kind of patterns, which InDesign does not support.

Thank you very much to Monika. The conversion worked like a charm. I've opened it up in the new InDesign that recently purchased from Adobe I've relinked the fonts, missing images I just tried to re-PDF this file and well With the images I think it's slightly worse than what you expected.

The images are still embedded, but apparently only the preview could be migrated. I suspect that linked images would have worked better if you put them all in a folder called "Links" and put that next to the InDesign file, then InDesign will take a look in there. But now you will really have to figure them out one by one since apparently they have also been renamed in the process to "Bild" - or are those German names the original image names?

If you had the ability to open the PM file in PM, you could have unembedded the graphics first. I'm not sure there's much you can do but go through them one by one.

Find anyone with PM6. It's not a simple process but it's possible. FlightCheck from Markzware can unembed graphics from almost any program known to human. I have it if you want me to give it a shot on your PM file. If the old existing PDF you have is of high enough resolution, you can export the images out of there you would need full Acrobat to do that and then place them again in InDesign. Here is a tip that might save you some time, assuming you have a high res PDF with bleed from the original PM file.

Use an Acrobat preflight fixup to move all of the the images, text and vector objects to separate layers, turn off the layer visibility of the text layer in Acrobat, then use a 2nd preflight fixup to discard the hidden layer. Place the PDF with the images and vector graphics into a background layer of your converted InDesign file and lock it, then delete all of the original placed low res images.

You will loose the ability to easily move and re-size the images, but you can always place the original image s , where needed and delete or hide the background PDF. You might also need to keep the original empty image container if you need to wrap text. I am in the same position as slowswim. YEARS of my work has been made inaccessible by Adobe's high-handed attitude to people their work and creativity. It is why I no longer would dream of using or installing Adobe products.

They've destroyed the concept of digital being forever. I wish Aldus never sold out to them! From my experience, it is not just Pagemaker will not install on operating systems after Windows XP, it is also impossible to install on 64bit hardware.

Peter Biggs claimed it was in , but I've been unable to replicate his success. I'm still hoping I can find an old PC which will run PM so I can copy and paste text to a pure text editor as well as retrieve images, plus print an original hard copy for the archives. I'm afraid even the work-around using later Adobe products is just counter-productive. Believe me, I feel your pain. Tip: as well as your excellent plan to save the text and a printout, also archive a PDF of each file.

This may give you information which, with a lot of work, you can reuse partially. Now what would have happened when it was finished? They would have killed PageMaker in the same moment, because you just can't continue 2 applications that serve an identical purpose.

That would be insane. They would have kept the better app with the modern codebase, the modern app concept and modern features: their new baby, K2. They would have offered you a sidegrade from PageMaker to K2 or whatever name they would have given it and that's that. Now guess what? Obviously you didn't want that. And that's where you are now. Jay--Kay ,. It was pretty apparent even at that time that PageMaker was on an EOL End Of Life course; it was no secret and the vast majority of PageMaker users with archives of PageMaker documents took care to either convert those documents to InDesign or to at least make PDF versions and secure assets such as text and imagery for possible repurposing later.

Adobe continually encouraged PageMaker customers to migrate to InDesign including special pricing many years ago for PageMaker users upgrading to InDesign. We are sorry you didn't heed that encouragement at that time. That is a much longer run than PageMaker had in total. The issue of retrieving content from old, discontinued formats is not limited to PageMaker. Ever try retrieving old Wang or WordStar word processing documents? Even some very old Microsoft Word documents will no longer fully or properly open.

Yes, that is a general problem with digital data formats for better or worse. You cannot blame Aldus, Adobe or Microsoft or Intel, My cassette tapes will sound only while my tape deck works, if it breaks down and do not find another that still works, it gets lost. Let alone an mp3 player. You need to transfer or convert it while it's materially possible.

There are still old computers around with a corresponding old Windows version, even with 3,5 disk readers, even floppies! They will do the work you need as if time clock had stopped for 20 or more years. Make sure too, the storage of those files is faultless. I have several CDR, external disks with lost or damaged files.

Future compatibility has a high cost and most of the time is practically impossible. I also feel your pain, but I see no point in carping about Adobe, especially since they gave PM users ways to convert their old files to ID for many years after it was terminated.

Even Quark can't open some of their legacy files, so the situation here is not unique. Ready Set Go!?? Good luck!! They took old PM4. They also offered it for free to people that needed it. The issue I see with the current CC verisons, is now that the software is required to be bit, the old code to open PM in CS6 is no longer compliant in that respect and would have to be reenginnered to work now.

Adobe rightly saw so little need for that, why waste the resources on it. Even Markzware, who offered conversion plugins in the past stopped developing ones for PM. But maybe it's time to revist that thought. Maybe take old CS6 code, drop out everything except the conversion code, and offer taht up to those that can still run it in a bit world.

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PMD to PDF - Convert PDF online

I purchased a copy of Illustrator hoping i could just open the PM6. ADOBE what is your opinion on this matter? Why is there no conversion method available to graphics professionals and individuals? Are we just left for fodder? Thank you.


How to Convert an Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 File to a Word File

I purchased a copy of Illustrator hoping i could just open the PM6. ADOBE what is your opinion on this matter? Why is there no conversion method available to graphics professionals and individuals? Are we just left for fodder? Thank you.

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